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Re: The Beethoven Factor
5/9/2007 11:07:16 PM

Hi Brian,

Beethoven is an inspiration to the people who appreciate his music and what he overcame. he could not hear the music but felt it like a signal from Heaven!

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Re: The Beethoven Factor
5/14/2007 9:19:55 AM

Life of Business or Business of Life.

To win at business or life, adversity has to be faced, fought, and defeated. There is no other way. No options. You either beat it or it beats you. Win or you lose.

Simple, right?


 Overcoming adversity is never simple. Ever.

 Sometimes, despite Herculean efforts, you still don’t win. You’re crushed, mangled, and left feeling like a little dark spot in the middle of the road that vehicles constantly run over, with no thought of the past history and life of that dark spot …


 Never give up your dreams!


Thanks Brian


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