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Neil Sperling

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Four types of people and how to work with them
5/8/2007 11:23:27 AM


Four Types of People

This business of working with people can be tricky. Everyone is different! Even though we all want happiness for ourselves and loved ones, what we each need to find that happiness is different based on our values and characteristics.

There are four basic personality types. Everyone is a blend of these four types. Some people are very much one type only - yet others are a blend of two or three. The chart below shows these four types. Notice the Analytical and Driver type personalities are underlined in Blue as they are above the horizontal axis. The Amiable and Expressive are underlined in red as they are below the horizontal axis. The Analytical and Amiable are also underlined in green as they are left o the vertical axis. The Driver and the Expressive are underlined in violet as they are right of the vertical axis.



When dealing with these types of people it is a good place to start by first trying to figure out what type you are yourself. Your approach to life, your values and your character type will tend to moke your approach to others as you yourself would like to be approached. If you always use "your" type of approach, you will only  gain the results you want from people who are "just like you". You will need to change your approach to deal with other personality types.

Underlined in Blue

In General Analytical and Drivers type personalities are Cool, Independent, Uncommunicative (guarded), Disciplined about time and Use facts.


Underlined in Red

In General Amiable and Expressive type personalities are Warm, Approachable, Communicative (open), Undisciplined about time and Use Opinions.

Underlined in Green

In General Analytical and Amiable type personalities are Cooperative, Slow to act and they Avoid Risks.

Underlined in Violet

In General Driver and Expressive type personalities are Competitive, quick to take Action and quick to Takes Risks.

To build Rapport with each type of personality you have to support the person in the way that is important to THAT personality type.

Analytical person - you have to be supportive of their principles and thinking
Driver type person - you have to support their conclusions and action
Amiable Type person - you have to support their feelings and relationships
Expressive type person - you have to support their dreams and intuitions.


Spend your time with each personality type in a different way!

Analytical - take time to be accurate
Amiable - take time to be agreeable
Drivers - take time to be efficient
Expressive - take time to be stimulating


To solicit action you must treat each personality type differently.

Analytical - you must provide evidence with service
Amiable - you must provide guarantees with assurances
Drivers - you must provide options and probabilities
Expressive - you must provide testimony and incentive



There are positive and negative characteristics of all four types. (general examples here)

Positive - they are great problem solvers. They find thinking fun.
Negative - they tend to have paralysis through analysis. Because they are always hungry to think some more, get more information etc. before they act.

Positive - they are very results focused, they get things done
Negative- they often step on toes and hurt feelings and have no idea that they are doing that, simply because they are so results focused they don't understand how anyone can be hurt - results are what matter!

Positive - they are very caring and courteous
Negative - they tend not to stand on their principles as they are to busy making sure they don't hurt the person they are with - (ex- today they are with me and support my actions - tomorrow they are with you- you do not like MY way of doing things but today they support you because they are with you)

Positive - they are a lot of fun to be with - they love entertaining and being entertained
Negative - they wont do a thing if is can not be fun in some way.

Now let's put it all together in an example of how to apply it, and understand it. The subject of Spam included in an introductory letter is a good example, as everyone does it differently and everyone views it as they do it. Let's see why!

The Analytical
Sending emails - Being disciplined about time they find it unproductive sending an email without at least mentioning their opportunity. They will think about a way to word it so it won't appear threatening.
Receiving spam - they will look at it, analyze the link and maybe click it or maybe not. They will find it interesting how the link is introduced.

The Driver
Sending emails - the will cut to the chase. Send the link - either the person is interested or not - results are what they are after, not thinking as to how best to get them
Receiving emails - a quick glance- will the email help them get results? = great. Will the email not help them get results = delete.... next!!!

Sending emails - Look first at the persons profile, find something that they will like and offer as close to that in a mushy email to them, or just send a friendly note
Receiving emails- OMG the nerve of that person, including information about his business, they don't even know me and already they are trying to push themselves on me. I'm loyal to the system and they are breaking the rules. (may send them an email back at how upset they are at the intrusion)

Sending emails - I hope I can make that person laugh or at least smile. Maybe they'll look at my links.  If I can get a smile or I'll tell them a story or a joke, just make a light comment and thus I will risk including my link. Have some fun at least.
Receiving emails - how boring - all they do is send a link to their business, not even a story, a joke or anything entertaining. Just who are they anyway (they'll look at the profile for something fun and if they find it they will re-look at the email)

Now go back to looking at the chart, see how each type considers their use of time.. re-read the email examples and think/see  the way they are using time, also see how they are each using facts vs opinions, risking or not risking and if they risk how do they justify it!

Using this chart is ongoing. Review it for any situation you are in - you will more than likely find a better way to proceed, or not proceed..

I hope this helps you make your business fly!

Love Light and Laughter!

Neil Sperling MB



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Gwyn Walker Chambers

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Re: Four types of people and how to work with them
5/8/2007 12:47:47 PM

Hi Neil,


Great information in this post. Thanks for sharing.


I am amiable and expressive in general. More analytical about receiving emails and time though.


Share your profile type.



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Judy Smith

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Re: Four types of people and how to work with them
5/8/2007 2:26:04 PM

Hi Neil,

You have given us an encyclopedia of info here (are you old enough to remember encyclpedias?). 

Communication is 92% of dealing with anyone.  By discovering how another person perceives information, you can learn to communicate more effectively to achieve the results you want.

These are the three ways I learned to process different types of personalities and communicators:

1.  SEE  These are visuals - people who primarily use their eyes to perceive the world and trust the images they see as a basis for decisions.  These people are the impulse shoppers and who have to see things to learn.  (38% of us)

2.  HEAR  These are Auditories - people who primarily use their ears to perceive the world and who depend on spoken words for the information that determmines their behavior.  The people are frequently challenged to listen and are detail oriented comparison shoppers. (28% of us)

3.  FEEL - These are the Kinesthetics - people who 'feel" their way through their experiences.  They use their feelings to make their life decisions. These are hands on people who make decisions on how they feel - you have to get in total rapport with them to seel them something. (34% of us)

As you can see there are 3 here, and you have 4, but the similarities are definitely there.  It gets really interesting when you have an analytical driver or a visual kenisthetic.

Learning how to communicate with people is 90% of dealing with them.  Sometimes I meet someone and know immediately that I will be in total rapport with them in a heartbeat.  Then there are other times, when I meet someone and I know that there's going to be some real work involved in clicking with them.

This a great topic.  I believe there is an art in learning how to pinpoint the different personalities and type of communicator people are.  I have certainly never mastered the art.  I will have to follow this forum to see what more I can learn.  It's never too late to learn!

Thanks for a great topic, Neil.


Neil Sperling

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Re: Four types of people and how to work with them
5/8/2007 2:44:15 PM


You beat me to the punch with your post - Your use of NLP (visual, auditory and Kinesthetic) is a totally different thread- one I am planning on writing another thread for soon. LOL

To add to your post now and keeping with this thread I have to say -

"You can have a Analytical character (or any of the other three character types as well) that process's and views life visually or auditorily or through Kinesthetics"

NLP is a way of processing..... and to understand how another process's is a tool you can use to better your communication skills too.

I personally try to use both systems. They both are valid and have their place in communication.

Thanks for your post - I will reference it when I do get around to writing the thread on NLP's three ways of processing and reading people!


Neil Sperling

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Re: Four types of people and how to work with them
5/8/2007 2:51:57 PM


So glad you dropped by... and a BIG thanks for making a comment.

As per what profile I am - LOL - I would say anyone who writes on this topic has to be at least some analytical..... which I am. I can also step into the shoes of a driver and do often.

My mother was Amiable and tried pushing me to be like her so I relate well to amiable people and at times through habbit can appear to be one... however paralysis through analysis shows its ugly head with me too often so thus my strongest character type is revealed....LOL

Thanks again Gwyn for dropping in and sharing.



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