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An Ugly Secret. Toxic Mold
5/7/2007 10:39:44 PM

Hello Everybody

    Do you or someone you know have unexplained health problems. Have you been diagnosed with different illnesses but the treatment never seems to work. If so, this could be the most important forum you have ever joined.

    Thousands of people are getting very sick in this country and they don't seem to be able to find out why. Toxic mold is the cause of many of  these illnesses but very litle information about it is being publicized.

    Through the use of this forum , as well as many other outlets, we intend to inform the public about what is perhaps the most widespread health problem in America.

    I personally have become very ill as the result of being exposed to toxic mold. I have teamed up with a new friend named Iris and we are on a mission to help those who have been injured by mold and help others avoid becoming ill. Iris and her husband Tlee have had their lives turned upside down due to toxic mold and I really want you to hear their story.

   Friends, this is a very real and serious health threat and we need your help in getting the information out about it. Please share this information with your friends and family. I have no doubt that you will find out that some of them have been affected by toxic mold. It is extremely important that we do all we can to help people avoid this terrible illness.

   The following article will give you an idea of what we are up against. We will be posting more information on this forum on a daily basis so please come back often for updates.


The toxic mold cover-up conspiracy
Why the toxic mold nightmare is being cover-up. Why special interest groups and the Government want to sweep this problem under the rug. Who to contact if you are a victim of toxic mold.

(PRWEB) May 23 2004--The Mold Crisis: Who to Contact
A Mold-Help Exclusive Report
May 23, 2004

"I have a serious mold problem. . . Why don't I receive any help? Who do I contact?"

Don't fool yourself, the Government and major corporations know exactly what is going on.

Hundreds of people contact us who are very distraught about the lack of governmental assistance and participation, organizations, and blatant cover-ups with this toxic mold nightmare. This is partially due to the fact that if the Government were to acknowledge that toxigenic mold is much more common and serious than they care to admit, the government would have to offer public assistance to the thousands of claims that are reported, and they would also have to test and remediate public buildings such as schools, military installations, prisons, hospitals, and a multiplicity of public buildings that are plagued with this national health crisis. Obviously, this is not an pertinent issue with the government.

Additionally, no matter what your political affiliation is, just remember that the Government makes millions of dollars from special interest groups sponsored by drug companies and insurance companies. The drug companies would hate the fact that the public would know how to actually prevent and sometimes permanently treat many symptoms and diseases associated with fungal exposure such as acid reflux, diabetes II, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and high blood pressure. The Government is already trying to fill our heads with the ludicrous idea that drugs purchased from Canada (which are the exact same drugs that people pay double, triple, and sometimes quadruple the cost here) are unsafe and not controlled by the FDA. If the FDA doesn't personally profit from our overly-inflated costs of drugs, of course they are going to say they are "unsafe." Since that tactic didn't work, the Government is even threatening to press charges against people who purchase their drugs at reduced rates from Canada. Any scare tactic they can use, they will, even feigning ignorance that toxic mold doesn't make people sick, yet the insurance companies are able to forego settlements due to their special interest "donations!" In law, they say that no one can have it both ways, but it appears that this administration has done just that by allowing insurance companies to renege on and even fail to cover mold claims as the cost is often prohibitive, while the medical arena denies mold causes illness so they can just keep prescribing drugs to soften the symptoms! The worst thing is that we appear to allow it to happen!

The insurgence of asthma in poverty stricken households is not only caused by pollution and global warming, as the Government would like you to believe. It is sign that perhaps lower class families may possibly be living in substandard housing and attending antiquated schools in disrepair that have been subject to water damage, thus contaminated by pathogenic fungi.

When George W. Bush was living in the Governor's mansion in Texas, he had extensive remediation (reported at over $300,000) done to the dwelling at the taxpayer's expense due to fungal contamination in 1999. During that same year, 44,000 mold insurance claims were filed by the citizens of Texas alone. At that time, the good people of Texas voted for Bush as President, assuming that he would be interested in everyone's indoor air quality. At present, (and several thousand claims later), we now know that President Bush was only concerned in 1999 about his own indoor air quality and not the people's, partly due to special interest groups and a failure to take action due to important domestic political priorities and expenditures.

It is now time for we the people to stand up for our rights and contact as many people as possible. It is of the utmost importance that we stand up for our rights and understand why the United States Government has abandoned us in our greatest time of need.


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Sincerly, Bill Vanderbilt
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Katheryn Haigler

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Re: An Ugly Secret. Toxic Mold
5/8/2007 12:24:52 AM

My friend Barb Doyle sells Young Living oil.  They have an oil called Thieves oil that will kill black mold.  You diffuse it into the air in the area of the mold and it takes care of it.

I wish I had known about this when we lived in our last house.  The roof leaked constantly and had for years.  I went from a size 16 to a size 22 within a few short months.  I believe it was the mold.  I have a friend that was in the military.  She had been slender for most of her life but she went to basic training somewhere where the mold count was high.  She was not even able to finish basic, she blew up like a balloon, had memory loss(she had been top in the class) and other physical problems.

I would love to put you in touch with Barb, she is here on Adland.

Have a great night,

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Re: An Ugly Secret. Toxic Mold
5/8/2007 1:23:36 AM

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the info.


Re: An Ugly Secret. Toxic Mold
5/8/2007 7:59:48 AM
Bill, When you have time, contact me, please. I have a lot of helpful info for you on toxic mold and where its coming from and for the past 3 years or so someone has made it thier priority to remediate it from their hotels because their buildings were saturated with water from inadequate construction from the beginning. Armand  203-506-2292
Re: An Ugly Secret. Toxic Mold
5/8/2007 11:03:30 AM

Hello Katheryn

   Thank you for stopping by  our forum here. I had a feeling that this was going to be a topic that many people would be interested in. I am sorry to hear about your bout with mold. Did you have other symptoms besides the weight gain. I know that mold can affect the thyroid gland and that is most likely what happened in your case. Weight gain is not a very well recognized symptom of toxic mold illnesse. I think I need to explore this a little deeper. Here is a list of some of the other symptoms associated with toxic mold. You may find others here that you have but did not connect them to the mold.

Unusual Pain
Ice Pick Pain
Lightning Bolt Pain
Light Sensitivity
Red Eyes
Blurred Vision
Shortness of Breath
Abdominal Pain
Joint Pain
Morning Stiffness
Metallic Taste
Decreased Assimilation of New Knowledge
Decreased Word Finding Ability
Skin Sensitivity
Excessive Thirst
Frequent Urination
Sweats - especially night sweats
Mood Swings
Temperature Regulation
Appetite Swings
Most toxic mold or biotoxin-exposed patients have an average of 18 of these symptoms.

I actually have 32 of these symptoms. Vertigo and hearing loss are the worst for me. I have been to over 15 different doctors and still, no one will connect all of my symptoms with toxic mold. Very few doctors know to test for mycotoxins. If they only test for the fungal infection they will miss the real problem.

    By the way. I do know Barb Doyal. I have spoken with her a few times. I will get a hold of her. Thanks for the information Katheryn. Have a gret day and please let us know if there is any way we can help you out.

May a smile follow you to sleep each night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
           and be there waiting,,, when you awaken.
Sincerly, Bill Vanderbilt
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