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Rose Enderud

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Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro #12
4/23/2007 11:05:32 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro

An on-line exhibition of work by Artist and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

Exhibition no. 12

Featuring Knight (k.c.) Duerig
Knight has agreed to share his remarkable carvings with us. He takes a piece of antler and creates a thing of beauty.
Knight has been an Adlander since 2004. He is a good friend. If you are not his friend send him an invitation.

About the artist

Knight C Duerig (K.C. to his friends) lives with his wife Beverly in King Hill, Idaho.

 Knight started carving antlers in the late 80’s as a hobby but dropped it in ’90 when a new marriage and raising 2 boys took precedence. He started up again in 2004 and has been to numerous local art and craft shows.

 He is a member of the Mountain Home Arts Council’s Visual Arts Committee which holds monthly shows in conjunction with the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce called Arts After 5, an art walk through downtown Mountain Home.

 Knight is self-taught as a carver, but has had some formal training in painting, pottery and jewelry. He is also a free-lance writer and has been published in such varied magazines as  Mother Earth News, BackHome and Computer Edge Magazine.

 All of the coloring on the carvings is done with a butane micro-torch. Almost all of these have been sold, but similar carvings can be ordered.

The Arts Exhibitions Team


Victoria Hurst

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro #12
4/23/2007 11:14:47 AM


You have very nice art work, I wish you the best of luck with all you do.

Geketa Holman

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro #12
4/23/2007 11:25:14 AM

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the art show once again a wonderful choice!

Hi K C,

I love your work each one is more exquisite than the next! Congratulations on being chosen for the art  exhibition!!I wish you much success in the coming years.



Hear, O Israel the L-rd our G-d,the L-rd is one
Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro #12
4/23/2007 11:49:11 AM
Hi Rose! This is Great! I love art , thanks for the wonderful pics of this beautiful art work Rose! Great Job! Genny
Joelees Wholesale

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro #12
4/23/2007 12:15:09 PM

Hi Rose ,

What a great art show , knight  has a awesome  gift . Thank You for sharing with us  Gods speed  :-) Lee


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