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Ray Ducharme

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Re: Our Deepest Sympathy
4/18/2007 10:44:39 AM

Thanks for making a place to express our sorrow Terry.It's hard not to express anger when every year there's another tragedy.When we don't pay attention to the signs that people are having trouble we are as guilty as the perpetrator.I  watched the news this morning It seems there was lots of evidence that there was somthing wrong with this individual. All I can say is god have mercy.   Sorry I just feel sick about the whole thing.

Annie Parker

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Re: Our Deepest Sympathy
4/18/2007 1:18:44 PM
Our deepest sympathy and prayers, to all those involved in this awful catastrophe...including the family of the young man who commited this horrible act. Sincerely, Miss Annie
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Terry Gorley

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Re: Our Deepest Sympathy
4/22/2007 4:15:35 AM

Thank you to everyone who visited and posted your thoughts and prayers.  We are all touched by senseless tragedies such as these.

Jerilyn had this set up in her forum.  Its a link to the Memorial for Virginia Tech.  Light a candle, say a prayer or whatever is in your heart.



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Jerilyn Merideth

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Re: Our Deepest Sympathy
4/22/2007 6:22:54 AM


Hi Terry,

Thank You for passing on the information!

Please take a few mintues and send Condolences to the Virginia Tech Victims' Families.

** Grassfire Report to key team members
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

For: Jerilyn Merideth
Date: 4/17/2007


The news of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech
resonated through our offices like a shockwave.

With some of our staff based in Virginia, and with
friends attending the university, this tragedy became
very real, and even more shocking.

The latest death toll is over 30 and video and audio
reports are beginning to pour in. A forum thread has
been started on FireSociety to help track the latest
developments on this issue:

Much is happening on the issues front, but I will save
that for another update. For now, please be in prayer
for the families of the deceased, and also be praying
for our nation during this time of vulnerability.

Steve Elliott, President


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You are invited to visit the site to read and further discuss this and related topics.

Condolences to the Virginia Tech Victims' Families

Click on the link to jump directly to If that does not work, simply copy and paste the link into the Address field in your favorite browser.

The FireSociety Team


Jerilyn Alliance

                & Activist

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