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3/17/2007 10:37:18 PM

This is an email I received from my GDI upline...I have not altered it in any way, other than inserting my links as needed.
Hello Future Millionaire,
Yes, I mean YOU!!!  If you haven't lost hope and you are still trying that is the secret, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!
This program helped us reach financial freedom
When I heard that less than 1% of the people working a home-based business were making money, I could hardly believe it.  WHY? is this. 
I don't believe for one second that 99% of the people out there trying are less talented than the 1%.
I know you can make it, but you have to be serious and you have
to believe you can do it.  You have to also stay focused, don't buy this
baloney about multiple streams of income, wait until you are at
$10,000 a month before you add another business to your portfolio.
Also delete every email you get that talks about the next BIG one.
We have been with GDI for two years and seven months, to me that
is a very long time to be with one company.  We are full time and we
make a 6 figure income a year. 
Our program is only ten bucks a month, if you and your spouse are
working you can save thousands of dollars every year owning your
own home-based business.  You can build your business slow or
fast.  We didn't have the luxury of building ours slow, we were out
of work, broke, $50,000 in debt and ready to go live with my mom.
I am always telling people "desperation" motivated us to succeed.
We didn't know beans about computers, all we had was our FAITH
and we believed we could do it.
Today we live in a beautiful home in Sedona, Arizona and drive an
Escalade and enjoy riding our Harley.  By the end of our first year
in GDI we were making over $100,000. 
Once you make the decision to get serious, stop playing the MLM
leap frog game and go to work you will succeed.  It is like a universal
law that guarantees success.
It is time that we collectively work together and see 99% of the people
in our industry making money.  I know that is what we pray for. 
Join us today at:
Christina and Marty
Thank You for reading this...IF you are part of a program that you are thinking twice about...a NEW HOME is waiting for you!!!  Let's ditch the hype and make this happen.
Have a pleasant day...Steven



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