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Re: Introduce Yourself
3/1/2007 10:13:03 AM

Hi Robert, I just wanted to introduce myself....I am a stay-at-home mom that has a onlince travel business.  This business affords me to stay home with my daughter and enjoy more family time.  I see that you like to travel!  The benefits from owning your own travel store would save you lots of money, not to mention the tax benefits!  You can take a look at another presentation at  Have a great day!

See you on the beaches!

Stacey Smith



Sharon Lee

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Re: Introduce Yourself
3/1/2007 10:47:18 AM

Thank you Robert!! You are so awsome and I Love your post everyday!!

I am Sharon Lee, And I market many things. See my feature today in Adlandpro by Lanell. She is a fantastic lady here who will go way out of way for everyone!! Please stop by today!! 

Thank all,,Peace, Sharon

Elise Hartzell

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Re: Introduce Yourself
3/1/2007 11:09:16 AM
Hi everyone, I am a full time mother and I have my own business online, I help people start their own business. Without spending a fortune on stuff they do not need. My website will teach a person how to start their own online business free. I am also a promoter of Agloco under Mr. Phillips. My website is -check it out if you have some time. Thank you, Elise :)
Re: Introduce Yourself
3/1/2007 11:13:56 AM

My name is Mary Allbright and I own Higher Ground Financial Services, Inc.

I am a published author writing training manuals. I coach Notary Closing Agents, Residential Mortgage Brokers, Commercial Mortgage Consulting, Credit Restructuring, and give financial workshops. I travel extensively and I belong to the wealthiest networking group providing super teaching and coaching to napkin ideas or multi millionaire investors. We provide super teaching forums 5 times a year in L.A.  I am meeting with my network March 11-19 and I am a chapter VP, I would like to invite you and your network to be part of us. I can give you the connections and the tools to raise capital and bring your business to my network of millionaire investors.  My network consists capitalist investors and we have produced the chicken soup for the soul series, piano wizard, laser shield and many other products.  Email me today to join us!!!

Mary Allbright Higher Ground Financial Services, Inc. Home of the 30 year Commercial Mortgage!
Heidi Stern

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Re: Introduce Yourself
3/1/2007 11:36:41 AM

Thursday, March 01, 2007 

11:25:33 AM

Hello Friends,

I am Heidi Stern. Looking forward to making your acquaintance and perhaps even becoming Business Associates.

Four Point Wellness is my goal each and every day. I also strive to help others gain the same.

What is This, "Four Point Wellness" I speak of?

Physical wellness

 Creating Health and physical vitality through support of a lifestyle that includes good nutrition, excercise, natural supplements, and vitality products.

Environmental wellness

 Contributing to the environment by avoiding harmful ingredients, using concentrated formulas, and helping families create healthier and safer homes.

Financial wellness

 Promoting the rewards of a debt free lifestyle, and creating the best alternative for attaining financial freedom.

Personal wellness

 Family, Social, Intellectual, Inner

People everywhere are looking to lead healthier, balanced, financially secure lives.

This just makes sense!

 Learn more today by visiting my free website and requesting more info today!


Heidi Stern / Marketing Executive


Heidi Stern ~ Your Friend in Wellness

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