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Re: Share Your Business Here
3/5/2007 12:23:21 AM

Hello Robert.  This is Sonja Davis and I thank you for the warm welcome to the AdlandPro community (even though I've been here lurking in the shadows since 2005 - talking on and off with Bogdan).  This post is for things that I think will be of great use to the community-at-large.  Please feel free to drop me a line at the below email or swing by & check me @
As an information research & provision consultant, I'm pretty sure I can get 
anyone, anything at anytime (@ any speed).  But don't take my word for it,
contact me and reference anything in this post or on my page that happens to interest you or our community audience here. I look forward to helping you all

Anti-UCE Supermarketing Opt-In Technique
Regardless of your Internet marketing approach, counter the dual problems of high program membership turnover/inactivity and potential labeling of your offer as UCE with this field-tested, response increasing(20 - 50%) technique.
19 pg.(pdf )solution including 5 USEFUL freebies to enjoy! $5 by either Pay Pal ( or snail mail to; Mr. Lee Davis - Box 42002,
Succ. Jeanne Mance, Montreal, QC H2W 2T3, CANADA (NO Pers./Co. checks) $50 account signup bonus
and $50 for every referral under this program! FREE-TO-JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!

HPS combines unorthodox web surf techniques, custom (censor-free) filtering, and delivery on an 'as needed' basis (if not the day BEFORE yesterday).  As well as a continually expansive and topically eclectic inventory for instant access, HUMAN POWERED SEARCH maintains extensive sourcing which allows competitive pricing to complement this unique service.  The term "difficult to find" ceases to exist...RIGHT NOW.  Searches (Hrly: $10/other by arrangement) billed via Pay Pal or postal service, results delivered per order request (floppy-CDR-print-email) ASAP (24-96 hrs).  INTRODUCTORY COMPLETE FIRST SEARCH-$1! Send email with name/email address in text body and search request topic in subject line to; . Welcome To The 21st Century…………………

Sales Portfolio from our Public Domain/Hidden Internet sourcing; You could search
ALL YEAR and still not find what we have in our portfolio or instant access to.
Reports, e-books, guitar tablature, audio, video, graphics, pictures, ETC!

Sample categories & titles include;
Guitar Harmony Simplified (.pdf/20KB/4 pgs)- - $5
(Detailed method of replicating that classic rock, 2-guitar sound! )

1,303 MIDI Files (IZArc zipfile/14,317KB)- - - - - - - - - - - - - $50
(1,303 MIDI music files)

P2P Search Sequencing Method (.pdf/34KB/5 pgs)- - - - - - - - - -$5
(Super the point of being a newly uncovered secret)

Build The Best Paper Airplane EVER! (.pdf/112KB/2 pgs.)- - - - -$5
(Explicit color photo step-by-step method)

Women For (Male) Dummies (.pdf/34KB/35 pgs.)- - - $10
(THE best investment of any mans' $10...)

and MANY other types of info for sale. Email address to
Blank email with following Subject line choices;

Order Please! (Your email in text body 4 Pay Pal)
Inventory/$ List Please! (Your email in text body)
Custom Search Please! (Your email for quote fwd)
Consultant Needed Please! (Include contact #s)
Your order TOO BIG for your email/ftp depot?
CDR burns add $10/order (add $2 per extra CDR)
Floppy Disc add $1/order (add $1 per extra Floppy)
No computer? Add $30/order (Print Charge)
Pay Pal-enabled, inventory updated bi-weekly.

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Re: Share Your Business Here
3/6/2007 6:41:49 PM

Hi sue

Thanks for the info I just Love downline builder programs because

they usually work great I will take a look at your program if I like what

I see I will sign up

Robert Phillips

Robert Phillips

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Re: Global Resorts Network - Private Memberships - Lucrative Pay Plan
3/6/2007 6:44:12 PM

Hi gregory

I like programs like the one your promoting travel is big to me and looks very

interesting thanks for the post

Robert Phillips

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Re: Share Your Business Here
3/7/2007 12:48:41 PM
I LOVE THIS ONE ! New Jerky Direct Team Mates raving about the tasty... DEEEELICIOUS Jerky! And the personal welcome phone call, the personal letter of information, the free personalized website and domaine name! That is just for a starter. WE get personal commissions checks to our door each month from the first recruit we get, first retail order or wholesale order ! Great tools for us on our personalized website and so much more! I LOVE THIS BUSINESS ! Team Work Makes the Dreams Work ! We have an AWESOME Team! We are gathering our Adlandpro friends for Success in 2007! And we get to EAT this one!
Re: Share Your Business Here
3/7/2007 12:56:25 PM

Hi Robert!

Since you are a friend of mine who uses email, I thought you ought to see something I ran into not long ago. I've started using a Private Internet Mail service and guess what- I haven't gotten any Spam or viruses or offensive offers, and nobody has tried to scam me or steal my identity since I started using it. It is so nice to open my inbox and only find letters from people I want to get mail from.

I didn't know there was any way around those things, but there is. I tried it for free and thought you might like to see this, too. And I got a major bonus. They publish a Special Report which taught me things I didn't even know about how dangerous and costly public email is to all of us. EVERYONE who uses public email should read this.

If you click the link at the bottom of the page it will take you to the website and you can sign up for free to get the Special Report- and they won't try to sell you anything!

Just go to the site and take the tour- it'll only take a minute or two, and at the end you can tell them you want the report for free with no cost or obligation.

You've just got to see this for yourself! I couldn't believe all the stuff I didn't know and that I need to know just to protect myself online. In this case, what you don't know CAN hurt you!

Talk to you soon,
Mattias Kroon

Mattias Kroon Affiliate Creative Marketer

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