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Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Tacky Email
2/18/2007 6:16:08 AM


Thank you for the good pointers.  Your computer tips help us all so much. 

We like to look professional and all the help you can give us is greatly appreciated.  I like to look like I know what  I am doing  even tho I don't.  Nobody has to know how inept I am at the computer.

Looking forward to your next lesson in good marketing skills.

Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: Tacky Email
2/18/2007 8:19:35 AM

Thanks, Leanne.

This can be annoying AND dangerous, complete strangers could get other peoples emails and send spam...or there's a situation I heard about where a man was letting his new girlfriend use his computer and send out jokes to lots of people, not knowing that his old girlfriend's email address was still in his address book.  The old girlfriend was more than annoyed, she found out about the new girlfriend and caused problems.  People need to clean up their emails and address books, and if anyone else is using their computer, at least alert them to potential nutcases in the address piles.

Jenny SJ

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Re: Tacky Email
2/18/2007 2:44:03 PM
Hi Leanne,

Ypou have brought up a very valid comment hear - not just tacky but a very big intrusion of privacy to those people on your  list who do NOT want their private email addresses given to other without their permission.

The rule should be BCC  - blind copy - when sending out mass posts.
If  you want  to give anyone's email addrss to someone else - ask them first!


Bill Brown

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Re: Tacky Email
2/18/2007 3:07:37 PM

Hi Leanne,

This is a subject I am very tough about.

If I have communicated with someone  It does NOT give them permission to send emails to everyone on their email list with everyones email address showinbg  in the to and/ or the CC.

Thanks to this thoughtless act I have had to change email addresses many times. I am now in the process of having to change again because one person did not stop and think and did this very recently. The amount of spam at that email address has gon from 2 or 3 a day to over 100 a day.

Any one that does this is also violating the privacy rights of the people whos email addresses they put in the to and CC fields.

In Respnse to Neil.

Quote "

In a PERFECT world where everyone had a BCC they could use & where ALL e-mails were such they could be copied and pasted, what you ask may be possible.

Only we do not live in a perfect world and some of us do NOT have a BCC function. And there are e-mails which we can NOT copy and paste.


I dont think  I have read such Hogwash in a long time.

I do not know of one modern email  client that does not have BCC facility. If your email client does not have BCC then its time you changed your email client  There are plenty to choose from.  If you want the most secure email client then I recommend Thunderbird  it is FREE and does not take long to install and set up.

The 4 most used email clients Outlook, and  Eudora  for pc both have BCC as does the server based Squirrel and Nero email clients.

If you cant copy and paste then when you use forward you can remove what ever you want before forwarding PROVIDING you take the time to set up your email client to send the foward in the body of the email and not as an attachment.


Re: Tacky Email
2/18/2007 7:16:05 PM
Hi Neil, It was just a subject title to get your attention, it worked didn't it.. :) My point was more about those people sending your email list forward to other people. A Bcc World would be great, but there are people who take advantage of a list of emails either with spam or list selling , it does happen. Thanks for your input! Leanne Busby

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