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Jenny SJ

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2/6/2007 10:36:38 AM
Hello to all Artists and Crafters,

In this forum you are invited to come and look for and post your suggestions on ways for us to advertise and sell our  work.  All suggestions and tips are welcome, whether they are on or off-line  
The more the merrier - we can all help each other here.

This is a permanent forum - you will find new suggestions for advertising and selling art and crafts on most of these pages - posted by various members - please add yours.  Thanks, Jenny

In the thread  Arts & Crafts Fairs you can find some tips for selling at these events and add your own experiences or information about future fairs taking place in your area too. 

Other ways of selling your work.

Print advertising - are there any specialist magazines on your work.  For mine - there are several magazines read by collectors of nativities, so when I can, I take an ad.  The readers are a targetted public.

Leaflets or brochures - again they are not free - but can be a low cost way of making sure that your existing and future clients have a way of contacting you in the future. 

If you are graphically inclined, you can create your own leaflets or brochures, and print them on your printer. There are many graphics, and templates online to choose from, and many fabulous papers you can buy to print them on.


Your Website  First of all - it is best to have your own  website - these can be free - there are many places where you can make your own from free templates - Who can tell us about this???

What alternatives are available if you dont have one?

Arts and Crafts Directories.  Again these are often free to put in your link, although sometimes your are required to give an exchange link. It is always better to have more inbound than outbound links to help you on the search engines  but there are times that the site is good enough to merit the exchange.   This can be ok if they are reputable, such as the Craft Site Directory  which has been established for many years and is found to be very effective for many people. What specialist directories have you found useful?

Arts and Craft Articles -  there are sites where you can post articles on your particular field of work - these help to estsablish you as "an expert" in your field and can often result in qulaity traffic and sales of your work.
Joanne Martell here at Adland offers this to us for free on her own Craft Aricles Directory and there many others for different fields of work.  Please come and tell us about the ones you know of.

There are many other ways to use the internet - please post your experiences on this forum.  What works best for you?

AND If you want to show your work at AdlandPro, whether it is art or craftwork  - Rose Enderud gives you this opportunity in her Artshow forum   Rose's Artshow

This is just a beginning.  Let's share our knowledge and help each other here. 

Come and let us know what you think


2/6/2007 11:09:35 AM
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Rose Enderud

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2/6/2007 11:25:25 AM
Hello Jenny,
Concerning the internet and getting your own site

First you need to decide if you want your own domain or not. A domain is a name of your own without someone elses attached to it. is a shared domain. Everyone with a geocities domain starts the same, is my domain name and site.

Shared domains often are free. Free sites usually have some advertising that you do not control. That is how they pay for them.

If you are just getting started and trying to figure out what can and cannot be done a shared domain is a good place to start.

Either way you should decide on a name that will identify you and give a clue what your site is about.

I use GDI. I signed up because it has some potential to make money thru referrals. I stayed because I like what I can do with my website.

You can find a wealth of hosting by doing a yahoo or google search for web hosting. We also have members at adland who offer hosting. Maybe one of them will see this and add thier info.

I do not use sites that have templates. For me they are too restrictive. They are just right for some people. And there are free ones out there.

Another place to consider is one of the many blog sites. I like Bizzy  Blogs  and  Bizprenuer.
Both  have easy to use  blogs and are  business networking  site.

I hope this helps some of you. There are others with much more knowledge. This at least gives some idea whats out there.

2/6/2007 1:10:14 PM

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