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Computer Basics
2/4/2007 4:43:32 AM
Hi Friends, Some of us here are only learning basics about our computer, I'd like to help by bringing you some tips that I've collected. After 5 years ,I'm still learning! Caps Lock Key Don't you just hate it when you accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK Key, and you start typing and it looks like tHIS. Well, we can set your computer up so it alerts you when your finger wanders off and hits CAPS LOCK. What we'll do is tell your computer to beep at you when you hit the CAPS LOCK key. Here's how: 1. Open your CONTROL PANEL and double click on the ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS Icon. 2. On the Keyboard tab, click the "Use Toggle Keys" checkbox. This will make the computer beep at you each time you hit the CAPS LOCK key. ------------------------- When you are downloading a file off the internet you may get the option to "Run" or "Save". Either of these options will lead you to the setup for the program and install it on your computer, but the difference lies in where the setup file opens from. If you click "Save" you can specify where the setup file goes (My Downloads or the desktop). From there you could put it on a disk just in case you need to reinstall it or want to put it on another computer. By choosing "Run" the setup process starts once the setup file is downloaded to your temporary internet file. When you empty your temp file the setup download goes away. This is great if you aren't a download packrat, but you should be clearing out your temp files often or they can get clogged with downloads. ---------- Hope it's not too long, if you have some tips I'd love to see them here,where people can read them. Have a great day! Thanks Leanne Busby Great Jokes
Sheryl Loch

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Re: Computer Basics
2/4/2007 4:41:00 PM


The cAPS lOCK button is a pain in my butt!! I never knew I could set it to beep. You have just saved me allot of time!! Now I just have to turn the music down so I can hear it!



Neil Reinhardt

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Re: Computer Basics
2/4/2007 6:40:17 PM
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Re: Computer Basics
2/4/2007 8:04:26 PM
Hi Sheryl, Yes I know exactly what you mean. I have my music up loud to block all the other noises in the house,although I can still hear that distictive tone. Thanks also to Neil for your visit,hope your both having a great day! Leanne Busby

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