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Jill Bachman

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Re: The Story Behind "THE SECRET"
2/1/2007 3:53:28 PM

Hi Brian,


All I can say is..........Woohoo!  This is but an awesome post!

More lives will be changed because of this movie, there is no doubt in my mind.  Minds are opening all over the world.

I just posted on my forum the announcement that Oprah filmed an interview with Rhonda Byrne yesterday, and as soon as it is edited, she will run the feature LIVE on her show. 

The more people that are touched by this movie, the more exciting the future of this world is indeed!

Thanks for all you do my friend.

Hugs, Jill

The Drummerboy

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Re: The Story Behind "THE SECRET"
2/2/2007 12:45:36 AM
Hi Jill!  :-)

I can always count on you to join in the conversation.....thank you.  :-)

Ya know.......I sent out update notices about the Oprah show on every other community I belong to but this one.  LOL.  Originally, Oprah was suppose to make this a "live event" but changed her mind so as to allow for editing to make this a really great show!

But she only intereviewed Rhonda though?  I was under the impression that there were to be others with her as well......Oh well.  It'll be great anyway!

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Andrew Birse

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Re: The Story Behind "THE SECRET"
2/2/2007 6:06:58 AM
Hi Brian,

I just saw that the Nine Network here in Australia is running The Secret at 10.30pm on Saturday.  My DVD arrived the other day, but I'll watch it anyway in case it's the original version.

I've just posted about it in my Consciousness blog with a link to a story about it in the local paper.

Regards, Andrew Birse Do you want to retire in 4 years or 40?
Re: The Story Behind "THE SECRET"
2/2/2007 1:18:36 PM

Hi Brian..

The Secret has totally changed my life in many areas forsure...  The positive force that we can engage in is sooo powerful! I have even helped my 3 boys become more positive with school and friendships.. It is just amazing how this "Secret" can change your life..

Thank you



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