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Ana Maria Padurean

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Nice to meet you again!
1/30/2007 2:48:07 PM

Hello and Greetings to all of you my dear AdlandPro Friends :-)

I'm so happy to see myself for more than 10 minutes at my PC! Waw, that's an event that has to be celebrated :-)

Unfortunately the way things are going in my life do not alow me to spend time here with you right now! I was planning this thread since last year, end of November beginning of December, but it wasn't ment to be; than I hped to greet you at least for the New Year, but that wasn't ment to be either :-( I'm sorry for this and I'm looking forward things get better, and share more time with you!

At first I could get online to vote and congratulate the Featured Friends; than I could only vote, and I hope at least that is something I would be able to do, thought!

First, I want to take the opportunity to Wish YOU ALL a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUSE YEAR exactly how YOU DREAM OFF and not how others do wish for you... who knows how that would look like :-)


Second, I want to express my

whom are POWS, STARS in Marilyn's PARADE and WOMAN OF COURAGE!
I'm sorry that I don't know anymore whom I've been there to celebrate and whom I haven't.

I hope I'll be able to visit at least the POTY Forum, to meet Luella, before I'll be kiked away from the computer!


In the end I would ask for your help in the matter of my profile picture!

I had to post a "business pic" for someone, and when changing the last one, something happened and I found myself having two pictures at once! I would love to get rid off the business one and keep my old one, but I don't know how to do that! It looks funny on my profile: "Me, the business lady" - on the tree LOL, but I don't think to be too friendly having the other one on each forum! ... as if wouldn't really me LOL I'm much more the one on the tree LOL!

If anyone knows what should I do, please teach me too! Thank you so very much.

Now, I have to go again, though even if I won't be able to post too much keep in your mind that I'm with my eyes upon you LOL


Thank you for being such dear friends for me, and I hope you'll sill know me whan I'll be back! For now I have to be a mother, a manager, a trainer (at my jobs), a wife (lucky me I have a very understanding husband!) and a math and chemistry teacher (at home for my son, who is in 12th grade and this is our last year for college and his preparing to go to Bucharest too, as my daughter did, to the University!) These are just a few and the main things I have to do! LOL!

Looking forward to be more with you again, soon :-)
With friendship,

Donald Rich

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Re: Nice to meet you again!
1/30/2007 3:57:51 PM


Mahlon Grube

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Re: Nice to meet you again!
1/30/2007 4:48:41 PM

Glad to see your are back.  Hope you can stay awhile.


Here is a bowl full of smiles to brighten your day.
God Bless You, Mahlon Grube I help people in MLM Succeed.
Nan Herring

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Re: Nice to meet you again!
1/30/2007 5:10:08 PM
hi my dear dear friend.
it was so lovely to see you here. you have been missed. what i would do is take both pictures off, then try again. that is a strange problem.

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