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6/27/2007 5:40:15 PM
We are a group of 39 members, which were formed to help new members into BBS Global. Giving you
the opportunity to have your first 3 months membership paid by us. Valued at $ 30 Aud.

If you sponsor 3 new Diamond members into BBS Global, we will pay your membership for 3 month and you also get to keep the profit.

It works like this:

We pay for your first month no matter what.
If you sponsor one new member in your first month, we pay for your 2nd month. If you also sponsor a new member in your 3rd month, we pay for your 3nd month.
If you do not sponsor anyone in your first month, we do ask you to pay for your second month, and we will pay for your third month.
If after the third month you have still not introduced your first and second member, then you will be required to pay your forth month and we cover your fifth month.

This gives you a great opportunity to get started, and we have found that most members are able to get started and in profit with in three to four months.

When you have sponsored and maintained 3 new Diamond members into BBS Global, you will be in profit, and will never have to pay for any
membership fees.

From hereon it is all profit. And you can build a business that has cost you nothing or little to nothing to get started. Now that is value!

We have a limited number of people we can sponsor in each month so, reply here in the first instance and I will send the PDF aplication

I will need your skype and email This can be sent to me In private message

To Your Success

Take care Because I care


SKYPE : deehudson

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