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Beginner's Guide To Making Money on The Internet
1/1/2007 4:42:14 AM
Hello Friends, Wading elbow deep in emails I found this article that really makes sense,thought you might like it. --------------- When first starting out to make money on the Internet, the first thing you should do is to get as much information as you can so that mistakes or loss of money can be kept to a minimum. The first thing to learn is not to be taken in by all the hype that is out on the Internet. Sure the advert makes the product look so attractive that you can't wait to buy it. My advice is wait. The information or product will still be there the next week or next month. Calm down and wait for a few days before whipping out your credit card. Read reviews and think to yourself "Is this what I really want to buy?" Ask, "Is this something I really need?" The next thing you have to consider is what you’re going to sell. Would other people want to buy the product? After deciding on what you are going to sell whether it's an affiliate product or your own product, you have to create a website to display and sell your product. First write down on paper the content of the sales page and other information which you want on your website. With all this information, go to websites that will custom develop websites for you, or learn to create websites yourself. Make sure your website captures the visitors' email address. I will explain the why later on. Your third task is to buy or use tools which will help you in automating your business. Send a blank email to my autoresponder address to receive a list of recommended software tools for the online home business. Now that you’ve got a good product to sell, and a website to take orders, the final step is to bring traffic to your website. This is the key to your riches - the part that will make or break your business. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. To go into detail with each of them will require several books. The major techniques for driving traffic to a website are: - Getting your website listed in search engines so that people can search for you - Spend money on Pay Per Click search engines - Buy web traffic from traffic selling websites. These kind of visitors are usually unresponsive. - Buy email leads from traffic selling websites - Post advertisements on ezines, free classifieds, blogs etc... - Submitting your ezine articles to ezine publishers - Traffic exchange websites - Sending emails to the list of people reminding them to visit your website again and to buy your product. This can be through your own newsletter. This is why it is essential to capture your visitors address on your website. You can use all of the methods at the same time but the true art lies in your copywriting skills. Can you write enticing adverts that will persuade visitors to buy? As you can see from what I've discussed, having on online home business requires hard work and knowledge. Well I hope I’ve hammered that thought into your head. “An online home business needs the same effort you would put in for a normal business. It's no different”. Here is 3 final suggestions to end this article. 1. Continue to read and learn from books and successful websites. Put their good qualities into your own business. 2. Ignore the negative comments around you and persist in your home business. Far too many people give up too easily and early. 3. I remember clearly the first few months when I started my home business. I know the frustration beginners go through which is why my business is catered for the newbies out there to help them. What's your market that you are selling to? Do you know how to approach them and what their needs are? Hang in there. All athletes train hard to get where they are. We're all the same. by Alan Cheng ========== Hope you all had a great Xmas,festive season or just a break! Look forward to the New Year and may you all prosper! Thanks Leanne Busby HOW TO....Add your program,biz or resources.
Sheryl Loch

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Re: Beginner's Guide To Making Money on The Internet
1/1/2007 1:16:02 PM

Happy New Year Leanne,

You have found a great set of helpful tips!

I think you must stay positive & give your business a chance. So many people expect to be a top sales person in the 1st month, that seldom happens. So, keep reading & learning all the new tips & tricks.


Neil Reinhardt

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Re: Beginner's Guide To Making Money on The Internet
1/2/2007 12:09:46 AM
Hi Leanne, Great Information! Thanks for posting it. Neil
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Re: Beginner's Guide To Making Money on The Internet
1/2/2007 6:08:19 AM
Hello Sheryl and Neil, Thanks for posting,hope you both have a good year ahead. Thanks Leanne Busby Gain Free Leads,work it or not!
Beth Schmillen

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Re: Beginner's Guide To Making Money on The Internet
1/4/2007 10:23:59 AM
thanks Leanne... I really needed to read that to reassess what I'm doing this first week of this new year!!! I have a motto "I always come back to Adlandpro!" But if you're interested in advertising elsewhere here's two excellent sources (FREE) Get your links and ads on hundreds of pages FREE and get clicks to your site in just a few days. The site is called Free-Ad Depot and I predict it's going to be as popular as a Hershey Bar on a mid-summers day. This next one is simply post a FREE ad that'll be seen for one week on 1000s of High Traffic sites... promote the site and get more traffic...... Hope this helps... Beth

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