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Steven Suchar

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2 Powerhouses Emerging TPSU and CMM
12/28/2006 11:32:27 PM
To My Adland Friend...
Do you have double vision??
The internet "guru's" will tell you it can't be done!
They'll tell you that you can't effectively promote more than one program at a time.  They'll tell you that you'll lose your focus - spread yourself too thin.  They'll tell you that instead of MORE sales you'll get LESS!
But, I am here to tell you this.  Not only can you promote multiple programs simultaneously, you must promote more than one program at a time!
Here's why -
It's a principle called "diversification".  As any financial expert can tell you, you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.  You should always be involved in multiple businesses so that if one business has a problem, then you won't lose everything you've worked for.  This is also an excellent way to make leverage work to your advantage.
The products and services that these two specific programs supply are something that anyone needs who is working from home and by offering them to your members and uplines in your other programs...they will be able to utilize the information and become even more successful in all of their ventures.
The Perfect Start Up & Cash MasterMind are the programs I am talking about.  They are destined to be 2 powerhouse vehicles for massive growth in the Adland community!!
You don't need deep pockets either.  For only $64.97 per month, combined, you can be active in BOTH companies.  Heck, you may have even spent more than this the last time you stopped at your local gas station!
These two programs are "geared" for the masses...are the wheels starting to turn yet?
You know, there are 3 types of people...those who MAKE things happen...those who WATCH things happen...and those who ask "WHAT HAPPENED?"
There are plenty here in Adland who fall into the first group.  These are the "movers & shakers" we are looking for...are YOU one of them?
I hope you are excited!!!   If something is unclear please e-mail or PM me.  I might not have ALL the answers, but I WILL be happy to help in any way I can!
Have a pleasant day...your friend Steven Suchar
Visit TPSU @   ($35/mo)
Visit CMM @  ($29.97/mo) 

Beth Schmillen

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Re: 2 Powerhouses Emerging TPSU and CMM
12/29/2006 3:09:59 AM
Hi Steven, thanks for your post. Yes, it is great having multiple programs to promote. Sometimes I feel I've taken on too much until there's a sign up somewhere! "Funny how that works" You never know what program will work for you. Especially when you are first learning how to do this... and I still have a lot of learning to do! TPSU is a great program. Here's my link: Here's to a Happy & Hopeful NewYear! Beth

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