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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro 5
11/29/2006 7:45:36 PM
Congratulations on your art exhibit , Martha ! You have some lovely pieces! I have seen gourd work before and it is very fasinating work, very different for some other forms of art but very interesting! wish you best of luck in your artistic future!
Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro 5
11/30/2006 7:18:42 AM

Congratulations on your work.

They are really good. 

Wish you all the best.

Your Friend,


Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro 5
12/3/2006 3:25:43 AM

Hello Rose, Jenny and Venerina,

WOW! What a great art exhibition and one that is very different and interesting! are a very talented artist and I love how you are doing art that is unique and different from anything I have ever seen! God has truly given you an innate gift! Keep up the great job Martha, and much continued success to you!

God Bless,


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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro 5
12/3/2006 7:25:05 AM
Hi Thomas,
Thanks for taking a look at my gourds. One comment though. I'm afraid if I put my gourds in a kiln they would burn up. You see, gourds are very much like wood when they are dry. In fact, when people ask me what to use on gourds I always tell them to think of wood and what is used on it and then that will give them a good start.
Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro 5
12/3/2006 7:31:09 AM

Neil, Susan, Rafeeq, Judy, Marilyn,

Thanks for coming to my exhibition to see my gourd art. I really enjoy working with gourds and seeing the smiles they bring when I'm set up at a craft show. I will have people pass through my booth and then come back with friends in tow to show them their favorite gourd.



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