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Dave Cottrell

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Thoughtless Sons....
11/25/2006 3:53:53 AM
Hi everyone, Wow! It's been a busy time, and I HAD to do an overhaul on my computers... they were under some attacks, but I had the last laugh.... Grrrrrrr.... So... here's a story I think might crack a few smiles. Bear with me... It's worth it! *********************** It seems that a mother had three sons. She had done a marvelous job of raising them, and they had all gone on to become very successful and wealthy. One was a doctor. One was a dentist. One was a stockbroker. OK. One day the three brothers happened to be in the same town, and got to discussing how wonderful their mother was. They decided that they owed their mom SO much and that they should each do something really nice for their mother. Anyway, the doctor had a huge mansion built for his mom. It had a full-sized theatre with surround sound and all the latest gadgets. Everything was just first class. He took his mom out to show her through the house, then handed her the keys and told her it was hers. His mom said, "Son, it's kind of nice of you to try to do something nice for me, but what's an old lady like me going to do in a huge place like this? Why, it would take me all day just to walk from one end to the other! And how am I ever going to clean it? The theatre is of no use to me, at all, as I can't see well enough to enjoy it, even if I sit in the front row. I can certainly understand how someone of your position and age would enjoy it, though...." Next, the dentist son decided to get his mom the nicest car you could ever imagine. He went to the best car dealer he knew and had the car completely customized with all the latest and most expensive luxuries. It had power everything, GPS, surround sound, cruise control, traction control, custom-built leather seats with comfort control.... It had absolutely everything. The son picked up the car and drove to his mom's new mansion to show her the car. His mom said, "Son, I appreciate the fact that you wanted to do something nice for your dear old mom, but what on Earth am I going to do with a car? I can't see well enough to drive, find it difficult to sit for any length of time, anyway, hate shopping, and have no friends left to visit anyway. However, from the way you describe it, I think it makes perfect sense that someone of your position and age would enjoy it...." Well, the stockbroker son did some serious thinking and remembered that his mom loved to read the Bible, but since her eyesight had faded so severely, she just couldn't read it anymore without great difficulty. He found a monastery in a very remote location, where monks spent two years to train a parrot to recite the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He commissioned the monks to train two parrots and asked them to put a rush on it, since his dear mom was quite elderly. The price he was quoted was several million dollars, but he just knew his mom was worth it. Finally, the day came when the parrots were to be shipped by special courier to his mom. He couldn't be near her, due to prior business commitments, but he had a special audio message delivered with the birds to tell his mom he loved her and that these were his gift to her. He decided to wait a day and then call his mom to see how she liked her gift. When he called, his mom said, "Son, it's SO nice to have ONE son who really is thoughtful. Your brothers spent a lot of money on me, but the stuff they got me is really quite useless to me at my age. Personally, I think they simply thought about what THEY would really enjoy, and that's what they got for me. "But YOU, son, really DID think about what an old lady would really enjoy. Rather than going all out on some ridiculous house or car that I can't use, you thought about what would really bring some joy to your dear old mom at this point in life. "Those fresh chickens were delicious!" *************************** Oh! Oh! God bless, Dave
Sarah Pritchard

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Re: Thoughtless Sons....
11/25/2006 6:16:01 AM
Bonjour & ho ho ho.

Très drôle!

I had been missing the laughter medicine and wondering where u had got to.


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Bea Souza

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Re: Thoughtless Sons....
11/25/2006 8:04:52 AM

Glad to see you back, Dave, I missed you and your humorous post.  This one really got me going this morning. I guess Mom didn't listen to the tape. LOL!!




Re: Thoughtless Sons....
11/25/2006 1:55:55 PM
 Hi Dave,

Life would be rather boring if we all saw things (or didn't see things) in exactly the same way.

I guess we could say that one man's parrot is another woman's chicken.

Anyway it is the thought that counts. Or is it?

Re: Thoughtless Sons....
11/25/2006 10:25:56 PM
Thank ya Dave :)

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