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Re: Drivers Battle 'Spying' Police
11/22/2006 11:32:54 PM
thank you for the info
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Re: Drivers Battle 'Spying' Police
11/22/2006 11:39:38 PM
Well Hello there Perfect One! :-) You are very welcome. By the way, it works great. Happy Thanksgiving :-) Luv Ya, Sweetgrame :-)
Re: Drivers Battle 'Spying' Police
11/24/2006 9:33:23 AM
Thank you for the report.  I have seen this product on the news here a few months ago, but in my state, currently they do not use cameras for traffic control, just the traffic cops.  Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving.
Nap Jones

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Re: Drivers Battle 'Spying' Police
11/24/2006 3:30:07 PM
Hi Napoleon, Nice to see you, & thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Luv Ya, Sweetgrame :-)

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