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Sources of and Solutions for Indoor Pollution
11/13/2006 7:11:53 AM
Consider this: * Women at home have a 54% highter death rate from cancers than women who work outside the home; * According to the EPA, 70% of groundwater contamination comes from household products; * over 1 million children each year are accidentally poisoned by household cleaning products; * household chemicals cause hormonal disruptions So - isn't it time to switch to non-chemical household products? You would put up a fight if someone wanted to create toxic waste dump in your backyard, so why tolerate it in your home. Do it for your health, for your family and for your planet. I recommend: because they come from a company that is Climate-Neutral and has a real commitment to the environment. The products are clinically tested for efficacy and safety and carry a money-back guarantee. For more information, call me or please visit the website. Thanks. Other sources of indoor pollution: Everything wired and wireless emits a level of electromagnetic field. Many of the fields around us are interfering with our body's own natural electromagnetic field, stressing it. That puts us under constant stress and when the body is constantly stressed we are more susceptible to disease. In fact, EMF pollution is being called 'the greated health threat since cigarettes'. Children, due to their still developing nervous systems and undeveloped skulls are particularly vulnerable to this kind of pollutions. For more information, sign up for my free newsletter: and/or visit my website to reach the reseach about the problem and its solutions: Write or call me for a free EMF Risk assessment checklist. Health & prosperity, Esti 'StraightArrow' Allina Leading With Purposeful Passion to Create Abundance! 1-866-820-3431
Health & prosperity, Esti Allina-Turnauer Leading With Purposeful Passion 1-866-820-3431

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