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Esti StraightArrow Allina

Esti StraightArrow Allina
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About Me

My Mission Statement: To Empower Others to take responsibility for their well-being while providing personal, holistic guidance; to empower others to create the lifestyle they desire.

Personal contact is essential for helping people, so I respond personally and individually to emails and only deal with people who do the same. Automated emails are useful for disseminating information, but even here, sometimes an individualized message is needed and makes all the difference. This is my modus operandi.

I am a 42-yr old stay-at-home Mom of 4 boys, ages 4-12. I grew up in Livonia, Michigan and Wilmington, Delaware, and now live with my family in Netanya, Israel.

I dream of creating financial independence for myself and my family while helping others achieve their health and financial goals. I would like my husband to be able to leave his secure, but low-paying job and for us to pursue our jewelry making business as well. We love to bicycle together and it would be great to have more time to do this together.

I have a degree in Special Ed. and Elementary Ed., and a theatre minor - from the University of Delaware, and am a certified reflexologist and iridologist (diagnosis through analysis of the iris of the eye). I am studying for a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, which I plan to complete in 2 years.

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