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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro Exhibition 3
11/17/2006 2:19:50 PM

Hello you Three Graces :-)

You've found a very talented person with predestined name!

Hi Amanda Daly :-)
Nice to meet you and your work! Those were wonderful!

You have mine too; I hope this and the ones to come will motivate you to share with us more :-)

I also very much like and agree with your words:

I won't pretend that my art has any more meaning 

than what it simply means. I am neither trying to 

change the world with it, nor make anyone understand 

exactly what is in my mind. I think that that is 

impossible. It is just simply art, in purest form;

While I was in high school and learning about our poets, I was very intrigued about this statement that of caurse I had to learn:

"In this stave the poet has expessed his poetical beliefe..."

- how an earth could they knew that, if they didn't ask him?!

With friendship,


Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro Exhibition 3
11/21/2006 5:30:22 AM

Hi Amanda

Congratulations!  You have a great exhibition, well done. 

Well done Rose and your exhibition team.  By the way I'll be away for 6mnths, see you when I get back

Warm hugs Elizabeth


EA Gough
Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro Exhibition 3
11/21/2006 10:17:37 PM
Hey everyone!  I have to say thanks once again for all of the response!
You guys have no idea how much your input is truly appreciated!

With love and gratitude to all,
Amanda Daly
Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro Exhibition 3 Rose and Amanda
2/20/2007 1:07:26 AM

Rose: It is just terrific what you are doing. Wish I could join in.

Amanda: Your work is terrific and delightful. I must visit your sites.


God bless.


M. Houghton

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