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Don't throw it away!
11/2/2006 1:33:40 PM
[This is reprinted from 'Daily Action' from] Have you ever reused an empty ice-cream tub for storing leftovers instead of just throwing it out? That's how easy it is to reuse everyday products and materials and make your contribution to the Race Against Waste. By reusing items, we also avoid the costs that would be involved if we were to recycle them or dispose of them as waste. Reusing items is quick and easy to do — in fact, you're probably already reusing a lot of household products so see what else you can do. Why not get your old shoes re-heeled instead of buying another pair, and bring those old clothes to your local charity shop rather than throw them out… Why should I reuse items? 1. It's essential. We are running out of space in our landfill sites and we are disposing of more waste now than ever before. So the more material we can reuse the better. Research from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that between 2001 and 2004 the amount of municipal waste (household and commercial) increased by 12%. 2. It's easy. Instead of throwing out an item, try to reuse it in some way. You may already do this a lot, so just do it more e.g. use an empty jam jar for storage. 3. It's quick. You can see your contribution to the Race Against Waste immediately. 4. It's free! If you are simply reusing an item you have already bought, it saves you from buying another. Some tips for reusing household items * Give unwanted clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac or books to family, friends and charity shops or have a car boot sale. Don't forget to buy from charity or second-hand shops too and pick up lots of authentic bargains. * Refurbish your sofa to create a fresh new look instead of buying a new one. * Mend clothes and get shoes re-heeled so they last longer. * Buy products with refillable solutions eg. washing powder, detergents, salt and pepper mills. * Look for long lasting (and energy efficient) appliances when buying new electrical items — keep them well-maintained to increase their life cycle and repair them when necessary. * Reuse scrap paper for writing notes. * Use washable dishcloths instead of disposable wipes. * Take your packed lunch in a sandwich box instead of wrapping it in kitchen foil or cling film. * Avoid buying disposable products eg. razors, plastic plates or cutlery. * Reuse empty jam jars and old ice cream tubs for storage or keeping leftovers. * Take your reusable shopping bags on all shopping trips. * Use rechargeable items instead of disposable ones eg. batteries and cameras. * Reuse envelopes by sticking a label over the old address. * Pass on old magazines to others —perhaps give them to your local doctor or dentist's surgery. Health & prosperity, Esti 302-250-4023
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