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I just gotta say
10/29/2006 9:38:04 PM
it started out innocently enough I was invited to view an opportunity and the inviter was dismayed that I had not taken advantage of it the first time he offered I realized it was because i did not have the funds that were requested my reply followed as Not everyone has an extra $497 around to be able to invest The reply: nobody's ever got an 'extra' any amount of money it's called an "investment in your future" if you keep thinking the way your thinking you'll never break out of your current status My Rant to the inviter At first I read your message grimaced and deleted just shaking my head. Then I went back and restored your note. From time to time there are people in this world that face adversity everyday. It is not the same for everyone and what one person deems as misfortune someone else will claim it was the best thing that ever happened to them. In order for a person to succeed they have to find it within themselves true, and they need to be motivated but what is more important is that they have to feel comfortable with themselves and about how they reach their goals. The drawback of internet marketing is, that you really do not know your fellow countrymen/women, you do not know what there situations are, or who they are for that matter. That is also the draw of internet marketing, you can be whomever you want, You may be conversing on site's like this one swapping success stories of websites and products when in reality you may be Joe Schmoe on the street accessing a free account on the public libraries internet services, unable to afford food, housing and certainly not a computer. My point is this encouragement is supposed to be a positive thing not something to be thrown around and belittled because an opportunity that worked for someone else needs to be passed on due to lack of funds . I have found in life people generally do not waste their time, money and hard work expecting to fail it may take them longer to succeed but not everyone gets to the same destination using the same roads. Elizabeth Kane
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Andrew Birse

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Re: I just gotta say
10/29/2006 10:12:53 PM
Hi Elizabeth,

Your inviter sounded a bit desperate.  They may get a couple of people join who respond to bullying and being made to feel stupid for not immediately handing over nearly $500 to someone they don't know, but I suspect that's all they'll get. 
That's no way to recuit.

Regards, Andrew Birse Do you want to retire in 4 years or 40?
Robert Talmadge

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Re: I just gotta say
10/30/2006 5:50:11 AM
Hi Elizabeth. I bought in to some high dollar opportunities last year
and one went out of business with no refund within two weeks.

The other ones all failed to live up to thier end of the agreement
and I lost a few thousand dollars.

I no longer jump on these, because that money came out of
my small savings which I was using to pay for my medical

I simply can not afford to loose another penny to these scams.

Robert Talmadge To follow your dream, follow your heart.
Re: I just gotta say
10/30/2006 8:35:09 PM

I think that was what got me the most. People all have different circumstances that are not always apparent especially through this medium. For one person the difference between an opportunity and losing out could be rent and milk or even more their prescriptions. No one wants to fail everyone wants to succeed it just has to be kept in perspective when you have other "opportunities" in your life. Thanks for sharing Robert

Feel free to include non business topics as well

Check back frequently updating and remaining current is the key to it all
Larry Blethen

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Re: I just gotta say
10/31/2006 9:21:09 AM
hello Elizabeth...I have lost more money on the internet thatn I would like to talk about or remember...Larry
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