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Bill Brown

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If you want sales and or referrals you need this.
10/25/2006 9:32:06 AM

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Bill Brown

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Re: If you want sales and or referrals you need this.
10/27/2006 5:42:46 PM

Ok this is a follow up.

The more I get into the various sections of 2TillProfit the more I like it.

Its well laid out,  the tutorials are good, and the potential is there if you are prepared to put in the inital work of setting things up correctly.

Dont expect to get everything set up in 5 minutes it wont happen.

But do as I am doing and working through a bit at a time. Take your time and do it correctly and once the set up is completed it will basically run its self for you.

It looks to me like once you have the feel of it you will need very little time to go in and check your stats each day.

As an example the first tracker I set up yesterday took me about 5 minutes as I was reading everything in each step. Today I set up 3 trackers in under 5 minutes.

It took less than 10 minutes to set up my Auto market, banner, email ad, and visitors.

I spent quite a bit of time going through many of the video tutorials just to see the quality of them so I could make comment on them. 

Darryl  has done a really good job on them and if you have absolutly no idea how to start on a particular  item or you are in any doubt, then you will be able to do it once you have watched the appropriate tutorial.

If you are still in some doubt then dont hesitate to contact me I will be more than happy to advise.

It is my opinion that If you set up and use all the components to their fullest extent you should see some good results from your efforts.

Dont forget If you join with me you will get the bonus pack that was carefully selected to compliment the tools you get in 2TillProfit, and as an extra bonus you get to bend my ear if you get stuck on anything LOL.



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