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Re: Chicken Cannon
10/17/2006 12:35:45 PM

Hello, Dave!

I still like that joke.  I first heard it on the TV show "Myth Busters" which is on the Discovery channel for those who have cable.  Subsequently, they did a test firing the chickens from a cannon and it was shown that the only difference between the frozen chicken and the thawed one is that the frozen birds are not as messy!  Both chickens broke or cracked the airplane windshields.

And, yes, it is a serious problem.  Birds and airplanes do not get along well.  The bird dies and the airplane is severely damaged.  The biggest problem, though is the birds getting sucked into the engines.  My father was in the USAF and one of his jobs was to clear the runways and airstrips of the birds.  Mostly non-fatal means were employed.  Once in a while we had squab or goose for dinner.

Thanks for the read,


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