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Do Something Nice
10/16/2006 7:53:39 AM
Hello Friends, Nothing promotes your business like good word of mouth. When someone has a good experience with your company and tells other people about it, their word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising known. A friend or associate telling you a product or service is good is vastly more effective than even the most expensive network TV commercial. We believe what friends tells us and often act on their advice. I don't have any scientific proof that this is true, but I strongly suspect that doing something nice for someone is a major source of good word of mouth. Make a point of doing something nice for a customer or prospect every day. This is especially rewarding when that person is someone who emailed you, sent you a letter, called you, or visited your store. These "active" people are the same ones who will take time to tell others about their experience. In recent years when businesses have been cutting back and making employees work longer hours, random acts of kindness may be getting harder to find. I find quite often find ,doing a good deed often comes back as one re-payed! Have a great day! Leanne Busby Post as many as 4 free ads and have the stats mailed to you!
Kathy Kanouse

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Re: Do Something Nice
10/16/2006 8:20:13 AM
Leanne Good Morning dear. You are so right word of mouth is the best advertising. I would also like to say that when you doing something nice for someone you are also doing it with Love. I know I sure love to use my loving heart & share it with others.
Have a great day!
Neil Reinhardt

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Re: Do Something Nice
10/16/2006 10:40:30 PM
Hi Leanne, thanks for the invite. And of course, doing nice things for others, makes the person doing them have nice feeling as well. Please, Take Care! Neil
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Re: Do Something Nice
10/17/2006 8:02:42 AM
Good morning Kathy, Thanks for dropping by I'm sure you have large heart to spread that love around, I hope it comes back to you ten-fold! Hi Neil, Thanks for posting,it's always a good way to start the day,gives you an invincible feeling. Thanks Leanne Busby

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