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Dave Fergusson

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Inflammation problem with most.
10/15/2006 8:32:07 PM

Hi Venerina,

The wholistic approach to disease & injury is paramount to preventing a reuccurrence of the problem. Most injuries & diseases known to affect mankind have an inflammatory factor which initially is produced by the body to cushion the area affected.

 Unfortunately this inflammation often becomes the major problem & prevents the body from healing itself. Arthritis, leaky gut syndrome, reflux, ear infections, migraines, diabetes, fibromyalgia & asthma are just a few examples of inflammatory problems, & of course placing ice on fresh injuries is another temperary way to keep inflammation at bay.

The mangosteen fruit & in particular the rind ( pericarp) contains an amazing unique quantity of phytochemicals called xanthones of which there are 43 listed.No other botanical on Earth has anything like this amount of xanthones & most plants have maybe one or 2 xanthones or even none at all.

A number of these xanthones( as well as being more potent than either Vitamin C or E as antioxidants )  are reported to be the strongest  anti-inflammatories in Nature & a couple of them are even known to  boast Cox 2 inhibition.( pain killers)

Drinking whole fruit mangosteen juice may allow the body to heal itself & continue to support cellular health throughout.

  Needless to say that after you have visited these sites you will realise what a great product mangosteen juice is as a very rewarding home business.


HEALTH IS WEALTH! Our motto! Without true health, motivation & potential to gain wealth is hindered. In this disabled state we do not have the capacity & energy to reach our goals & realise our dreams. Drinking Mangosteen juice can open those doors!
Jack Sunshine

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RE: Inflammation problem with most.
10/24/2011 5:44:51 PM

Do You or Anyone You Know Have Any of These Problems?
Arthitis- Pain & Inflammation- Fibromyalgia- Low Energy
Alzheimer’s- Aging- Vision- Alertness- Allergies- Asthma-
Dementia – Osteoporosis- Prostate- Joint Stiffness- Weight
Diabetes- Sleep Disorders- Hearth Disease- Hot Flashes

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Sunshine Jewelry Trivita

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