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Where to find the toxins in our homes
10/15/2006 12:03:40 AM
I've been writing here in some general terms to help make people aware that we are unknowingly creating toxin waste in our very own homes and by disposing of empty containers we are creating toxic waste dumps! One subject I haven't yet touched on is COSMETICS. Cosmetics are the second most-likely poisoner of childre, yet have no warning label. Many cosmetics contain FORMELDEHYDE, a known CARCINOGENIC. Formeldehyde is also widely used in vaccines that are injected right into our children's vulnerable little bodies - but that's a topic for another forum! You will find formeldehyde in NAIL POLISH, unless you go out of your way to purchase formeldehyde-free nail polish, which I strongly recommend. These can be found in the beauty section of your local whole foods market. Formeldehyde is definitely something to completely avoid. It's one thing to be exposed to toxins and carcinogens incidentally, but to intentionally expose ourselves by putting them on our skin - does that make sense? Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body, and just because you don't ingest something orally, doesn't mean it's not getting into your system. For pregnant women being very careful of what they put into their mouths to protect their babies, this is something to be aware of as well. READ INGREDIENTS! Become knowledgeable consumers. Make sure your cosmetics, hair products, etc. are made from natural ingredients that are also tested for purity. It's NOT ENOUGH for something to be ORGANIC. Why? Tune in tomorrow when we discuss Purity Beyond Organic. Until Then.
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