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Bill Brown

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How are you guy's doing it?
10/14/2006 12:16:58 PM

Thats what we were asked on Thursday.

My partner  and I were in our chat room on Thursday evening (CET) going over the planning of part of our new project when I received a PM asking for a chat.

Naturally I invited the guy into the room to see what he wanted to chat about. To cut a long story short we had sent out an email about 30 minutes before he showed up and it turned out he needed our input on the latest PayPal rule changes. Once we had had a good look at his site it was clear to us he would not be affected. Which was a relief to him.

Once we had reassured him of this he then said you guys are doing great with your site how are you doing it?

This was an interesting question as we had just announced in the email that we had added a new page to the site containing various tools that we are using and that we are recommending.

We asked if he had checked out the new page yet and he had to admit he had not as he had come to see us as soon as he had read about the recent PayPal rules that we had mentioned in the email.

If you want to know how we got a Google PR4 rating, put it in the Alexa top 90,000, and have over 13,000 links to our site from the 9 search engines that we monitor then check out our recommended page at

Also check out our advertising rates. I think you will find they are very reasonable and affordable to all.



PS If you want to have a voice chat then you can call me on Skype or pm me on Paltalk my id for both is bjantiques. Also my phone numbers are listed in my profile's "About me" page.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Nan Herring

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Re: How are you guy's doing it?
10/19/2006 12:39:06 AM
very good info here bill, thank you.
Mary Hofstetter

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Re: How are you guy's doing it?
10/24/2006 2:49:28 AM
Thanks Bill, Always good to hear from someone making it on the internet.

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