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Luella May

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Re: How to take your business to the next level...
10/28/2006 7:56:30 PM

Hello Bill!

This is a marvelous article and I do hope people avail themselves of your offer.  Your article is absolutely excellent and to the point.  I can't add another word!

Kindest regards,

Luella May and John Elliott, aka Oaky Wood

Bill Brown

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Re: How to take your business to the next level...
10/29/2006 6:13:49 AM

Thanks for the compliments  but I am not the author of the content of the first post.

Howerver I support every single word of it. I was on a serious downer and it has helped me no end to get my self back on the right track.

I am concenterating far better, My analitical mind is functioning again as it used to if not better. I was being easily distracted from things and now when I am working on something I can give it my full attention. 





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