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Bill Brown

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Project X
10/8/2006 4:41:50 PM

My business partner has found another useful item that has only been released in the last few days.

His comments

This takes a different approach and concentrates on soft sell rather than hard sell.

If you think it may be useful to you then check it out.

extract from the web site.

Warning: You're about to discover the affiliate secrets that the gurus have been keeping from you. The methods the real super affiliates use to make $500 per day, finally revealed by the one guy they trusted to keep quiet...

Despite your best efforts to get wealthy, have you ever wondered why it hasn't happened yet?

...Well, the good news is, you are in the right place for the answer. The only place.

The answer to your prayers since you first found out about people making money online, and wanted in... I'm talking about enough money to set you up for life. I'm talking about something which if followed using my simple, "copy and paste" techniques , will alter the course of your life... FOREVER.



Larry Blethen

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Re: Project X
10/8/2006 4:52:01 PM
hello Bill...thanks for the offer....Larry
Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
Nan Herring

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Re: Project X
10/19/2006 12:45:38 AM
from what i here this is great. haven't use it yet, but i do have it.

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