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Welcome To The 63rd Person Of The Week (POTW) Forum!!!
10/3/2006 5:22:05 AM

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Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From John Sanchez and LaNell!

It’s time again for my favorite project of the week and that is the Feature of The Week! It is my favorite project because you folks and the POTW’s of the week make it a very special event. We are all so fortunate to be a part of this community that is made up of so many friendly and talented people. Thank you so much for your support and for making this event so special. Love and Blessings to you all! John R. Sanchez

The reason the Feature of the Week forum was created was to honor people who have a positive influence on this community. To qualify the person has to be an active member and one who contributes to the positive atmosphere here AdlandPro. Here are the criteria for nominating a member for the Feature of the Week (also referred to as the Person of the Week, POTW). This criterion can be seen at the site below:


How Do I Get Selected as Person of the Week?


To be chosen as Person of the week you:


• Are highly visible on the community

• Are always seen as respectful, professional, and helpful.

• Must be nominated for the program by another member of the   Community and voted on by other members.

• Must have a real photo of themselves on their profile.



Our Person of the Week for this week is an Aussie Gal who is loved by many in the community, her name is Donna S. Donna is a very active member in the community who has only been here since November but is already a top 25 Poster and She has 1860 friends already on her friends list. Donna is also a valued member of our community Newsletter. Thank you Donna for all you do for our wonderful community. Enjoy your POTW week!


Here's Donna's Bio:

G'day Everyone! Donna here, and WOW what a great surpise!! I want to thank everyone who voted for me soooooooo much, you are all sweet wonderful people who I love dearly, and thank you to John and LaNell for this wonderful opportunity! and a Big thank you to Bogdan for bringing this Awesome Community to us!!

I really can’t talk about my private life that much, as it really is filled with much hurt and pain, so I hope you all can understand. but most of you know that I'm Aussie born and bred and blessed to have 4 wonderful precious kids - Emma - a studying dance teacher, Will - high school/computer whiz kid, Zoe - primary school loves dance and art and Ethan - preschool loves many things! Oh and of course our beautiful golden retriever, named Destiny! I love them with all my heart! and work hard in my GDI Internet business to provide a better future!

I love being part of the Awesome Team of people that make up the Weekly Parade of Stars - Beautiful sweet ladies - Marilyn, Venerina, Deborah and Amazing blokes - Georgios, Adebola, Mohamed and Kenneth!

And also love being part of the Community Newsletter, A-Team, it is an honour to be working with these amazing people - Marilyn, Kenneth, Venerina, John, Nan and Judy.

I love this Wonderful Community of AdlandPro! when I first came here I didn't know what it was all about, but was greeted by such sweet and awesome people, with wonderful forums which can make you laugh and some make you cry, beautiful poetry, inspirational stories and articles, great reading, and many other interesting things, just a wonderful place to make you feel good!!


A Big Hug And Thank You!

You all know how to make a girl feel great!! WOW


Peace and Love to you all




Now let’s thank this Sweet Lady for all she does here in our community. Please invite her to join your list of friends if she’s not already on it.


Congratulations Donna on being this week’s Person of the Week and our Queen of Adland! We love you my friend!  ;-)

Love and blessings to all of you from,

John Sanchez and LaNell



Re: Welcome To The 63rd Person Of The Week (POTW) Forum!!!
10/3/2006 5:33:30 AM

Congratulations Donna you're our "Queen" for this week and deservedly so. 

 Have a fantastic time.

Warm hugs Elizabeth

EA Gough
LaChelle Farmer

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Re: Welcome To The 63rd Person Of The Week (POTW) Forum!!!
10/3/2006 5:44:05 AM

Hi; Donna S

Same thing goes for me,Great job


Ana Maria Padurean

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Re: Welcome To The 63rd Person Of The Week (POTW) Forum!!!
10/3/2006 5:45:11 AM
Hello John,

Nice to see you back! ... with your favourite project :-)

This is a wonderful Featuring!


for being elected as POTW!

... and Thank you for giving us a short glimps upon You :-)

With friendship,

Jenny SJ

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Re: Welcome To The 63rd Person Of The Week (POTW) Forum!!!
10/3/2006 5:47:21 AM
Hi John,

DONNA - I have one thing to say to you

Lots of love


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