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WELCOME,,,, to the product Pre-Launch Opportunity of a Lifetime!
9/25/2006 2:58:01 AM

Monday, September 25, 2006

If you are looking for a realistic way of generating a huge monthly residual income check, you are going to love what you are about to discover.

For the past ten years, the serious money in the Networking Industry has been made promoting fruit juice based liquid nutritional products...RIGHT?

Networking companies with liquid products like Noni, Vibe, SeaSilver, Acai, Mangosteen, Goji, Pomegranate and Colloidal Minerals have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to their distributors.

While it is still possible to join one of these companies today and earn an income, there are two reasons why it is not possible to earn the sort of income you will be able to generate with SenSatiaFruit™.

1) To earn the really huge six figure monthly bonus checks, you must build a really huge group. To achieve that result, it is much easier if you start promoting the opportunity before 100,000 other people jump in.

2) All of the existing fruit juice based liquid nutritional products are about to become obsolete. And yes, we are serious, very serious, about that totally factual statement.

You now have the opportunity to benefit from knowing about the most significant advance in the history of nutritional technology...BEFORE anyone else does.

Think about that for a minute!

It is estimated that there are over Three Million Distributors involved in the existing fruit juice based liquid nutritional product companies worldwide.

It is estimated that over Ten Million Consumers have purchased, or are currently purchasing these products on a regular basis.

NONE of these distributors are yet aware of SenSatiaFruit™.

NONE of these consumers are yet aware of SenSatiaFruit™.

That will change on December 1, 2006 when SenSatiaFruit™ is released to the world.

If you have any interest in discovering just how much money you can earn by being one of the first to start promoting the hottest, most marketable product this industry has ever seen.

If you are fed up with trying to earn money promoting the same products that everyone else is trying to promote.

If you are ready to finally enjoy the financial and lifestyle rewards that have always been just out of your reach.  

Then you need to spend the next 10 minutes reading the information on this site, and then take advantage of our FREE Pre-Registration Offer.


SenSatiaFruit™ is the one product that all of the networking fruit juice companies have feared would come into the market.

SenSatiaFruit™ is the one product every consumer of these grossly overpriced fruit juice products has been waiting for.

SenSatiaFruit™ is a patent pending all natural product, produced with a revolutionary new, low impact, patented liquid extraction technology. Technology that preserves all the goodness of the natural ripe fruit, without any of the negative effects of current extraction or concentration technologies.

SenSatiaFruit™ contains No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Pasteurized Ingredients...Nothing Artificial.

SenSatiaFruit™ contains NOTHING except 100% Natural, Bioavailable Ingredients.

A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ contains the active nutrients found in multiple bottles of the six top selling existing juices, Noni, Mangosteen, Acai, Goji, Pomegranate, and Raspberry.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains the active nutrients found in ten other highly beneficial fruit juices.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains a full spectrum of plant based natural vitamins.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains water soluble plant based ionic minerals.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains fulvic acids.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains AlliSURE, the only patented Allicin extract from garlic available that is known to actually deliver a 100% Allicin yield.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ also contains over one hundred strains of a mutually exclusive natural probiotic.
A single bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ will be available for less than $50.00.
Each bottle of SenSatiaFruit™ contains more active ingredients than you would pay well over $600.00 to obtain from multiple bottles of other companies "overpriced" products.

While we are not going into all the technical production and ingredient details at this time, for legal reasons, here is a brief overview of why SenSatiaFruit™ is such a unique product.

For many years companies promoting their liquid juice products have claimed that these liquids are more bioavailable than tablet or encapsulated juice products.

They have made fortunes bombarding networkers and consumers alike with information, that unless the product is in a liquid form the body simply cannot assimilate and use the nutrients it contains.

While this "Liquids" claim appears, on the surface to be accurate, it can also be a total lie.

Yes, if the juice is spray dried and then processed into a tablet or caplet, it will be extremely difficult for the body to assimilate and use the nutrients. This non-assimilation has nothing to do with the juice powder. It is caused by the fact that these tablets are pressure produced using what are known as binders and fillers that are required to stop the tablet from crumbling in the bottle. Then just to make sure that the body has further problems digesting the tablet, they are generally coated with another binder, such as shellac, to protect them from moisture and make them easier to swallow. As a side note, it would be interesting to discover the reaction of vegetarians who take shellac coated tablets, labeled as vegan or vegetarian, if they were aware of the source of shellac. Shellac is produced from Lac, and Lac is the secretion of the "insect" Laccifer Lacca.

So, when discussing tablets or caplets, the claim regarding non-bioavailability can be totally true.

Juice powder capsules are, on the other hand, a totally different matter. If it were possible to put enough powdered juice into a vegetarian capsule to be effective, that product would be a lot more bioavailable than a tablet. One major problem with fruit powder capsules is that the powder needs to be mixed with anti-caking and flowing agents to stop it from clogging the encapsulating machinery. Metallic Stearate and Maltodextrin are the two most common substances used for this purpose.

The biggest problem with encapsulating juice powders, however, is the bulkiness of the material. Unless you are making a capsule designed to be swallowed by an elephant, you are not going to get a therapeutic dose in a single capsule, as the upper weight limit in a capsule for a human is around 750mg.

Put into perspective, this means that if the 'daily recommended dosage' for a product is 25 grams, you would need to swallow "33" capsules per day.

So, while capsules may have better bioavailability, they are not the answer either.

Most of the companies promoting liquid products bombard the marketplace with information that their liquid juices are the only way to get the vital nutrients contained in the juice.

What they do not promote, however, are the negatives that can be associated with juices, as to do so might cost them business...a lot of business.

Here are just a few of the liquid juice facts that are not promoted.

1) The largest single ingredient in all liquid juice products is water. If you took the average 32 ounce juice product and removed all of the water, you would have less than 1 ounce of material remaining.

Lets face it, knowledgeable consumers are not interested in paying $40-$70 for "1" ounce of fruit powder.

2) 100% pure juice is a "claim" that is often used to promote liquid juice products, and while it is a legal claim under the existing labeling laws it can also be very misleading. Shipping pure juice into the US from overseas is a very expensive proposition, so it is much more cost effective to dehydrate the juice overseas and then ship the powder to the US.

Then the powder is remixed with water and still able to be legally labeled as 100% pure juice.

3) Another widely used 100% pure juice trick is the practice of labeling and promoting a product in such a way that the consumer is lead to believe that the product only contains the juice being promoted. They will call the product "XXXX" juice, and promote the wonders of that juice knowing that the average consumer is not going to either read or fully understand the supplemental facts panel on the product label which discloses that the product actually also contains many other much less expensive juices.

This is also totally legal under the existing labeling laws, even if the main promoted ingredient actually only makes up 15% of the total juice content. 

4) Most liquid juice products are required to be pasteurized to remove harmful pathogens. Pasteurization is a heat treatment, at temperatures generally between 120 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit, that not only kills pathogens it also kills the Enzymes and can damage many other of the naturally occurring nutrients present in the raw fruit.

5) Un-pasteurized liquid juice products generally have chemical preservatives to prevent them from spoiling or exploding as they start to ferment in the bottle.

6) Many liquid juice products have a natural taste, which to put it politely, is less than desirable, so many different sweeteners are added to disguise the taste.

As you can see, the liquid juice product networking companies have sold billions of dollars worth of products by carefully concentrating on the benefits of their liquid concoctions.

They have also chosen to simply ignore the negatives associated with liquid juice products, as the vast majority of networkers and consumers are not even aware they exist.

(As you read this, please do not think that we are saying that liquid juice products are not beneficial.

There are many liquid juice products being sold today that are producing some phenomenal results for the individuals who are using them.)

What we are about to tell you, however, is simply this.

New processing technology has now made those products obsolete...and SenSatiaFruit™ is the replacement.

Here is why!

What if it was now possible to take a fruit, any fruit, and process that fruit in such a way that you could remove the water without destroying the natural nutrient content of that fruit?

This amazing emergent proven and patented technology retains all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in the ripe fruit in their natural bioavailable state!

What if the resulting material could then be bottled and shipped dry?

No more inflated shipping costs to send water across the country!

What if ONE daily dose of SenSatiaFruit™, provided as many active ingredients as a "whole bottle" of some of the currently available juice products?

Buy one bottle of SenSatiaFruit™, or buy thirty bottles of other products to get the same amount of benefit !

Do you think this product would have a market?



And on December 1, 2006 you, and everyone else, will be able to purchase SenSatiaFruit™.

Right now you have a very simple choice.

You can Pre-Register for free now, and start alerting all of your contacts to visit the personalized replicated copy of this site that you will receive as soon as you Pre-Register.

Or you can wait until December and hope that no-one else has already alerted your contacts.

Or you can do nothing.

Please choose wisely!



Pssst....We haven't even told you about the (weight-loss) benefit that will attract millions more...

PS: We might also like to mention that we have not forgotten the fact that the Vegetable Juice market is also a huge, if under-developed, multi-million dollar market.

December 2006 will also see the release of SenSatiaVeg™.



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