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If your home is your castle...
9/15/2006 2:16:40 AM healthy is your castle? Health - everyone agrees this is the most important 'thing' to have in your life. If it's so important, then why do so many people neglect it and actually do things completely contrary to their well-being? 1. lack of awareness; 2. lack of knowledge; 3. laziness; 4. lack of will power. Can you think of other reasons or excuses? Knowledge is power! Good health begins in the home: 1. A toxin-free, chemical free home environment essential to good health - exposure to indoor environmental hazards increase our likelihood to have allergies, chronic illnesses, and even cancers; 2. A healthy diet is essential for good health. Doesn't that sound redundant or just too obvious to state? If so, then why is it that your family doctor didn't even study nutrition? Why in 4 years of medical school studies is it unlikely that s/he had more than 10-15 hours of nutrition? 3. Keeping a healthy planet ensures the purity of our food supply. In this forum, I will suggest and invite others to suggest ways to accomplish these three goals. Health & Prosperity, Esti LifeStyle Coach 1-866-820-3431
Health & prosperity, Esti Allina-Turnauer Leading With Purposeful Passion 1-866-820-3431
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Re: If your home is your castle...
12/14/2006 3:36:42 PM

I do have an evironmentally friendly toxin free home!  I love it and it is benefitting my family's health!  Thanks for your training.  It is so well written!


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