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Re: Hall of Shame - Spammers Registery - Enter - Search - Protect
9/14/2006 10:59:15 PM
Hi, David Great idea for a forum thread. I don't usually go to the trouble to find out all this information, especially if it's simply an unwanted solicitation, as opposed to spam about a scam. I think all too often we don't distinguish between the two. As annoying as spam is, it's easy enough to delete, especially if you're just getting the subject or that and the first few words. It's usually recognizable and ridiculous. But scams are often more sophisticated and are designed to catch the unwary. So I will make an effort to post when something of that nature crosses my path. I do scan my junk email folder, which is where suspicious mail from non-approved senders lands within my email client. Lately I've noticed a lot of emails purporting to warn me that my home is about to be foreclosed or something of the sort. Since I am very confident that's not the case, I haven't opened them. Especially when the wrong address started showing up with the same headlines. If you think it's important, I'll open one and see what it's all about. But maybe this is sufficient warning to others who are also getting them. If you think it might be true, call your mortgage lender rather than opening one of these spam mails. I'm virtually certain it's some kind of phishing scheme. DON'T give anyone any sensitive information. Cheri

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