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Ana Maria Padurean

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9/8/2006 6:28:56 AM
The people refer to the month of September as "rapciune", meaning the beginning of the cold period, but also "viniceriu", because September remains the month of grapes.

The folk celebrations of this month are:

  • September 1st: St. Simeon of the Pillar
  • September 4th: St. Vavila
  • September 8th: Little St Mary
  • September 14th: Cross Day
  • September 24th: The “Tecle”
  • September 26th-28th: The Autumn Filipiseptember

    September 1st: Simeon of the Pillar

    In the folk belief Simeon is the one who sustains the earth and the sky, by sitting on a tall pillar. He is the patron of the winds and can cause earthquakes. That`s why his celebration is very important and people respect it, by fear of not having their houses destroyed or not having their legs stuck.

    As this day was the old beginning of the church year, the weather announced the weather for the entire year. If there are thunders, then it is believed that the following autumn will be long.

    Simeon`s day is also the day when the birds take their part of every crop, preparing themselves for the winter.

    September 4st: St. Vavila

    This saint spent his entire life in the woods, together with the beasts. It is even said that his body was covered with hair, like theirs. The celebration is held for the cattle should be big.

    September 8st: Little St Mary

    The migratory birds, especially the swallows, leave on this day. As the celebration announces the end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn, people stop wearing hats.

    September 14st: Cross Day

    As this is a very important celebration, there`s the custom of remembering the dead, by doling new jugs, decorated with a red thread and containing honey or fresh water (a round bread and a candle are put above).

    All the animals who got out from the ground in the spring, of Alexii, are going back there now, as it is the time the ground closes. It is believed that, before reentering the ground, the snakes gather on the peak of a hill and spit on the tail of one of them, thus forming a precious stone, very useful in healing the illness. The snakes that harmed people during the year aren`t allowed to enter the ground, having to remain outside and die.

    The ground is not closing only for the animals, but for the plants also. This is the day when the flowers speak to each other, being sorry they will wither. Only the bad plants are staying green. The wild strawberries found after this day are not good to eat anymore, being destined for the dead. It is a good moment for culling medicinal herbs.

    The vintage begins on this day.

    September 24st: The "Tecle"

    The "Tecle" (sometimes called "rams") are respected in order to protect the flocks from the wolves and to protect the households from the fire.

    September 26st-28st: The Autumn Filipi

    On the days dedicated to the Filipi people don`t sew, don`t sweep and don`t grind wheat. The last day (Hariton) is especially held by women, for fear not to go mad.

  • Hope you enjoy all these!
    With frienedship,
    Pauline Raina

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    Re: September
    9/8/2006 6:44:36 AM
    Hi Anamaria, very very interesting indeed!! Thanks for sharing, warm regards, Pauline R India
    Robert Talmadge

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    Re: September
    9/8/2006 7:03:45 AM
    Thank you Anna Maria.

    The folklore is rich and interesting. As a child, I looked forward to the
    Autum celebrations of my country and it brought about a certain sense
    of familiarity and comfort in the change of the seasons.

    Now I live in an area that has little change here in Florida in the US
    Just the temperature and the humidity. We still see some fall foilage
    in the colors of the trees and certain plants.
    Robert Talmadge To follow your dream, follow your heart.
    Larry Blethen

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    Re: September
    9/8/2006 7:45:44 AM

    hello interesting to different to know other coutrys....




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    Deborah Skovron

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    Re: September
    9/8/2006 11:45:14 AM

    Hi Anamaria,

        WOW!! That was really interesting. It is always so much fun to come here and hear about your traditions.

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    Your Good Friend


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