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Re: This may be harsh but...
9/1/2006 2:46:23 PM
This was not harsh at all.  Just plain honest.  My business is growing by leaps and bounds because I have a dream and I set goals for myself and I am willing to do what it takes to get there.  I refuse to do the work for others. I will help anyone who asks for it and commits to their goals.  By that I mean someones sets their goals and the time they are willing to spend working towards those goals.  Then I will put aside time to match their energy and committment.  If they are willing to spend 30 mins. a day working then I will spend 30 mins with them.  This will get harder for me as my organization grows.  In the meantime I will be training my customers to help the people that they bring into their business.  It has to be duplicatable from the start.  It must also be simple.  I train my people to find leads without spending anything but their time.  You're trying to make money so why spend alot of money?
My business is my passion and helping others live better lives fuels that passion. I refuse to leave anyone behind if they nag me for help but I will not nag them to build their business.  Nothing in your article was harsh unless the person reading it has set themselves up for failure. I love this forum.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next post from you.

Elizabeth Otto
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Re: This may be harsh but...
9/1/2006 3:49:09 PM

Merci Belkacem,

Thank you for your insight, I went to to translate your post... I also tried to correct it more because those translators do not work so well. I don't do so well with French either but we are communicating and that is great! Merci mon ami!

 Are you a dunce ?

I think here, of the unhappy Baccalaureat candidates who come each year to enlarge the hordes of the unemployed.

Are they for all that the dunces?

And you who read me; Are you a dunce?

But, first of all, let us put into your head that the majority of fortunate men have received only very little instruction.

 Mr. Henry Ford  had never attended the highschool much less university. There is even this atypical case of that, which with its eight times prize winner with the baccalaureat never put foot in a university, according to him : " He did not need this paper to obtain a JOB " He does not act to disparage nor devalue studies and the development residing within, the health and material aspects, the most important priorities for the young people of today. It is quite simply to state that the person who  thinks that success is something that one  must seek outside oneself does not have any remedy for her evil. One can even say that success is around each one of us, rubbing elbows with us and  marching along sides us.

It is almost eight years since I have be roving the Net, exploring, seeking, the slightest opportunity or innovation allowing me to leave the handicapping precariousness in which I enveloped myself. Tolerated for not confirming the trade that I have exerted for almost thirty years, I realize that I use only one rudimentary percentage of my capacities and competences would be - only from the point of view of the heavy practical heritage not to say experimental... 

(ok I am leaving the rest to only - phew trying to translate when one really doesn't know the language well is rough :O )

Indeed, of new universities to the innovating functions are born and allow the modern societies ressourcer and to ensure this vital bridge between the generations on the one hand and between academic rationality and the proportions practise even autodidaxic. These new places of the knowledge, called universities of synthesis, do nothing but officialize personal know-how, and sometimes of simple practical courses. One validates the proven assets of simple graduates. It is as obvious as capital for the future and survival because the man is the only producing entity of ideas from where rough discussions and negotiations on the services and the intellectual property within OMC. 

Here one proposes to me to turn over to the box departure and to remake my classes. Readily! I will buy myself a pretty portfolio. But, this time, it is much more for one training in management or communication: I would be more profitable. With the fact it is what I have undertaken for more than six years, since my engagement in the Web. 

In this engagement, I will beat indefinitely about the bush bus in this situation called Internet and comparable rightly " the rush towards the west " I will be only one opportunist seeking of the occasions whereas it am trying to undertake at will.

Among the electronic works  that I read, after translation of English, three or four Ebook  held my attention. It acts :

1 - " Think and become rich " or " the law of the success" of Napoleon Hill.

2 - " The  master  key  system " of  Charles F Haanel.

3 - "The manifesto" of the new whole and percussion  Schefren Rich.

 I must specify here that I surprised and was at the same time filled  to discover that our valorous strategist  and compatriot Tarik Ibn Ziad are quoted in example in the work of Napoleon Hill " the law of success " Ceci  leads me to say  that one advances even only  if the formula   presented in   the e-book were correctly taught, it could revolutionize all the education systems, thus reducing half time spent to the school. Because more the share of the material taught in the schools are not of any utility as regards earning its living.


The idea is to place this work at the disposal of people who do not have time to study Pour a reason or another, thousands of young people finish  their studies... They will want to know how  to face the life  They will need a teaching practises...

They will want to be freed, limed as they are :


They seek  how to find  the short cut surest to earn  their living.


Others, frustrated to have missed their vocation, being likely to reproduce the same errors with their children, try never to compromise their futures to them. There are those, also which already  made a jump ahead and which one already known as STOP with the generally accepted ideas  .

 Lastly, there are those which do not know that the inaccuracy or indecision is the beginning of all  the failures. They are there in spite of their diplomas to wait until a JOB is gotten to them.

 More elaborate French versions of the three ebooks are in preparation.


Businesses ????

Quite simply

A business of knowledge.

Who knows better, does better !!



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Marie Gervacio Your Personal Success Coach
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Marie Gervacio

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Re: This may be harsh but...
9/1/2006 4:24:02 PM

Thank you Elizabeth for visiting and you great post!

I agree with everything you said. One point needs expanding though and that is finding leads without spending anything. I also do this and show people how but.... Someone said "Time is money" and boy were they right!

Some people have more money than time and visa versa. Each individual has to decide how to spend their resources in the most efficient way possible. Yes many start with nothing especially in networking, I was one of them, but don't assume everyone is coming from the same direction. You always qualify and find out new associates needs and abilities. Some may feel their time may be better spent doing something else rather than something they could have easily paid to have done.

Empowering others truely empowers one's self and I sense there is a lot of empowering going on in your business.

Marie Gervacio Your Personal Success Coach
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Re: This may be harsh but...
9/1/2006 6:39:28 PM
Hi Marie :) thanks for sharing, great advice! Have a wonderful weekend :)
Re: This may be harsh but...
9/1/2006 8:47:26 PM

Hi!  I think this is great!
You must always treat
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