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Re: Blogs and Blog Blasters Don't Mix ...
8/17/2006 10:39:23 AM
I abhor spam in all its forms. But, not all spam is created equally. Sometimes, it is done by people who just don't know any better, yet. Those ads for email and blog blasters sound so great, and so innocent, that some folks just get sucked in. Sometimes, it is done by people who just don't care who they hurt or how many sites they hurl their garbage into. They just don't know how to play nice in the sandbox. It is our privilege to educate the first group and explain better ways of doing what they are attempting. It is our duty, sometimes when we are tired and way too sleepy, to deal with the second group and to remove all their trash. I just shut down one of my forums, my oldest one, because I just got tired of deleting fake, inactive members, removing spammed postings and replies, and having to repair the database after it was hacked for the last time. I was down to just one nerve and someone I'll never know decided to make a political statement by ruining months of my hard work. Sigh. But, then we make a decision, clean up the mess, adjust our plan, and move forward. If you are a newbie seeing this thread, there is no easy solution - it takes work. Don't fall for the hype and the lies. All the best, JD

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