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Re: Getting you images or photos posted
8/13/2006 4:05:09 PM
Hello Rose!

It's me again!
I did it! I did it! Go and see for your self! I hope it will still work LOL
Here it is:

How I did this? The slide show has to have a html code there where you do that! (this is something I still have to learn how to do) You may copy-paste that code into your post, working in HTML mode! You know the two butons on the bottom of the posting area. Hope it helps.

If you need some more help, than we'll work it out tomorrow, as now it's late and I have to go to sleap.

Wish you all a wonderful evening and a good night.
With friendship,

Hope I'm going to find lot's of slide shows around till my coming back ;-)
Re: Getting you images or photos posted
8/14/2006 2:05:20 AM
Hey Rose, you shure got a HOT forum going here. Don't know if anyone's posted these free image software sites yet, they're the ones I use exclusively:



Open Office

Irfanview is a very versital - very quick editor.
GIMP does about every thing that Photo Shop can do.
Open Office mimics MS Word - MS Powerpoint, Excel. I use it to convert HTML bzck & forth.

Here's a bit of the stuff I've done.

One of my websites displaying my creations


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