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Online Learning and Weblogs
8/5/2006 2:21:48 AM
Some months ago I started with an Online Learning Group for people interested in Naturopathy. In these Online Sessions we prepare for an examination, which allows you to work as a Naturopathy Doctor in Germany. In connection with this I started a weblog, which starts to get quite some popularity. As I am also member of an Online Learning School, my idea is to start first a Forum and maybe later a learning Group for Webblogs: How to create them and how to make them become popular. Please leave me Your feedback about my E-Biz-Learning Blog:
John Partington

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Re: Online Learning and Weblogs
8/5/2006 9:21:57 AM

Hi Annette,

I found your blog interesting and I would join yourgoo if you don't have to give a phone number, as some of the phonecalls I get from people promoting their business over the phone are a pain in the butt, so I stay well clear of them.

I have never understood blogs as all they are is a webpage with information on, and I suppose its a cheap way of getting yourself known on the internet, I still think its much more professional if you are in business to have your own website.

I have a site where you can post your articles on free and also have a link to your blog included go to also you could promote the site at this is my autosurf site, its not a paid to surf site its free to use and you get 500 free credits when you join.

I have just started a new networking/friends site its free to join and use and its getting popular already go to 

Also just launched today my search site where you get $100 free credit in your account when you join this paid to click site based on keywords, also you can get free stuff for your website or blog at and at I hope you find my sites useful.

Best Wishes


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Donggeun Yoo

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Re: Online Learning and Weblogs
8/6/2006 6:08:09 AM




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Re: Online Learning and Weblogs
8/11/2006 3:28:06 AM

Hello John,

thank you for your great comment!!

just go ahead and join Yorgoo from my blog, and in´vent a telefone number. You know, also others

I prefer emails and my conferencing for comunication.

Have a great day


Re: Online Learning and Weblogs
8/11/2006 3:30:27 AM


maybe you can join our conference on Sunday...just look in this Forum for the link.




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