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Donggeun Yoo
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LocationBusan (부산), Busan (부산광역시), South Korea South Korea
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About Me

I am a Korean..

I am an adherent of Won-Buddhism

Won-Buddhism is the religion, which gives hope to the world by providing a blance between spiritual and meterial life.

the name Won -Buddhism,Won-bul-kyo in korean is a compound of words signifying truth, enlighterment and teaching ; Won means unitary circle and symbolizes the ultimate truth. Bul means to enlighten to the truth. and Kyo means to teach the truth. Therefore ,Won-Buddhism is a religion that teachs and enilghtens to the truth and how to carry it out in daily life

If you interest in Won-buddhism

Please visit

and my forums.

I hope you have a happy feture before you

Thank you

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