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The Things you Discover at Adlandpro!!
7/17/2006 8:13:50 AM

Hello friends,

It seems I need to explore Adlandpro a bit more.
The other day I was opening mail from WebBizInsider and there
 was Dave Cottrell on a wonderful looking webpage featuring
 Adlandpro at first I thought Dave had made this page up how
 clever he was.(which he is clever ;)  )

The next day.........

 I had an Invite from Christine Gleeson to be friends and went
 over to see her 'About Me" section and (I'd like everyone to go
 say 'hello') to my surprise when I clicked on her Adlandpro link,
 there was anotherwonderful webpage.

So replacing Christine's name with mine and PRESTO!!! I had one
then it started to sink in how silly of me not to have been
 using this great
tool, how much time I possibly have lost.

So my lesson was more...explore more

Also Ask Someone!  -my welcome page

    (still have no idea where to find it..someone please post if they know)

Ive been using   -profile page

and   -affilliate link

to refer people!  Look out now I have a new page...

Thanks for reading my post
Leanne Busby

Kathy Kanouse

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Re: The Things you Discover at Adlandpro!!
7/17/2006 8:55:23 AM
Thanks Leanne for sharing. I will check this out. I too never knew baout this valuable tool we have available.
Re: The Things you Discover at Adlandpro!!
7/17/2006 9:01:03 AM
 Hi Leanne

The link you show for your profile page does not work (3rd link from bottom)

Noticed that the underline goes one space beyond the aspx at the end.

Perhaps the system thinks there is a space or something. Who knows?

James Max

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Re: The Things you Discover at Adlandpro!!
7/17/2006 9:06:41 AM

Hey Leanne,


You're Right About Discovering Things, Although I never seem To Have The Time To Explore.

Get In- Get Out, most of the time.


Thanks for Caring and Sharing,


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Re: The Things you Discover at Adlandpro!!
7/17/2006 9:07:04 AM
 Hi Leanne, again!!

Just now noticed that for all 3 of your bottom links (profile page, affiliate link, and aussie)  All 3 of these show the underline going one space beyond the text.

Yet the affiliate links WORKS, and the ones above and below it do not work.


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