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'The Chronicle 9'
7/11/2006 2:07:29 AM
Welcome to 'The Chronicle 9' there are a few parts to this so dont just look up here, Keep scrolling!! ----------------------------------------------------------- Posts of the Week Marion Tucker-Never Lie To Your Mother John Leal-Women and Men, The Main Difference! -------------------------------------------------------------- There MUST BE A REASON Why Top Internet Marketers Like Michael Glaspie of BannersGo MLM, Internet Millionaire Shawn Casey and Bob Wilson of all endorse this program and recommend it to their people.... Find Out Why! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Quote of the Day "Don't focus on being different, focus on being yourself and your difference will naturally shine through!" - Kevin Eikenberry ---------------------------------------------------- STAND OUTS!!! (Special friend's) Mary Hofstetter If you haven't visited Mary or visited her forums, go and introduce yourself now!!!! Mary has some great forums,from Cooking to working out how to use Adlandpro Features. -------------------------------------------------- Their product is powerful and easy to use. And best of all, your email *will get through* to your prospective customers. This is not a sales pitch. It's a word of advice by a once troubled marketer who has solved the email deliverability problem. And you can too. -------------------------------------------------- SHORT TIP Overcome Their Objection Asking for a prospect's help can be very effective. If a prospect says that he doesn't want to meet with you, ask what you would have to say in order to convince him that your service can work. This way, the prospect will be telling you exactly how to overcome their objection. ----------------------------------------------- Forums of the week Kenneth -BlogGuy- Sword Designing a Page That Compliments Your Content Pt.1 -------------------------------------------------------- Funny Bit A man submitting information to his income tax preparer was asked how many dependents he had. "Sixteen," he replied. The preparer asked, "Would you mind repeating that?" The man replied, "Not if I can help it." ----- If your interest is GARDENING you may be interested in this Group! ------------------------------------------------------- Friends Biz Spotlight Connie Clark I am a wife, mother of 4 grown children, a business owner, entrepreneur, leader of a large Denver entrepreneur organization, alternative health and wellness consultant, network marketer and a caregiver for my parents who have Alzheimers and Dementia. During the past 40 years, I have pursued many diverse career paths and have a broad range of expertise in multiple areas of business, as a teacher, an instructor of PC classes, a Finance Analyst, an Office Manager and Network Administrator. Over the years, I have studied and researched alternative health information. With a passion in the area of health and wellness, I have pursued several different businesses focused on alternative health solutions and environmentally safer products. I invite you to catch my Vision and visit the Spirit of Life Foundation for Alzheimers which I founded in 2005. In addition, I have 2 other businesses. One in the area of fuel cost savings/with less environmental emissions from transportation vehicles and the other in the area of new internet technology/internet operating system which provides a safer and private internet experience. I also provide a business resource center called Opt for Freedom at where you can find solutions, tools and service for your business projects. My VISION is a live and growing VISION to help others find a way to make their lives and their world a better place for themselves and those to come later. I sincerely hope that I am an inspiration to other people because of my steadfastness and persistence. I constantly teach others to never quit. If you would like to be a part of my VISION, please contact me at 303-770-3180 or Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my VISION. Thanks so much. Connie 303-770-3180 ------------------------------------------------------- RSVP: THE BEST WAY TO BUY LEADS! Buy Leads Today and Get $2,000.00 Back on EVERY Purchase! Yes - $2,000.00! No Scam~No Bull !!! JOIN THE EMPOWERISM "REVENUE SHARING VALUE PLAN" (RSVP)! In May of 2004, Empowerism began offering members a way to earn up to $2,000.00 on every leads order they placed. More than a year later, they have collectively earned more than FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! It's the most successful business model of its kind. Find out more: ---------------------------------------------------------- Computer tip of the week Event Viewer Has someone been using your computer when you’re not there? Windows XP has an Event Viewer to help you keep track of what your computer is doing. An event is anything noteworthy that happens to your computer. To bring up the Event Viewer go to Start/Run and type the following... eventvwr.msc Events are stored in three log files: Application, Security, and System. These logs can be reviewed and archived. For our purposes we want the System log. Click on "System" in the left-hand column for a list of events. Look for a date and time when you weren't home and your computer should have been off. By double-clicking the event you can get more details on what the event was. Just click on the link for that says, "For more information..." You can also use this log to see how long someone was on the computer. Just look at the time the computer was turned on and off for that day. -Bob Osgoodby ------------------------------------------------------- If you have a computer tip to go here let me know, anything to make it a good experience "On the Net" Thanks For Reading thus far,If you would like to add to this newsletter please contact me, all the Best Success! Leanne Busby ---------------- Great Jokes Tips for build your business HOW to...(somewhere for you to advertise)
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Re :'The Chronicle 9'
7/12/2006 4:11:02 PM
Thank you Leanne for sharing this valuable information with all of us.  I enjoy reading your articles. Keep em comin :)

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