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***Hi Ronit Henry Hilley DD here
7/7/2006 9:44:04 PM

Hi Ronit


Went to your site

I must say you have some great copy i just wish i could write what i think to put into words for the newbie to the internet so they will not get suck in to the maze of opp's there are on the internet most just leave them short of money and they just move to the next one. etc etc etc


I am going to do your

I would love to hear from you!



I think 10.00 a mounth to own your own name I was lucky enough to get my last name I now do make more then 10.00 so it does not cost me any thing now I teach all my members to just be who they are not the IwillMakeYouRichOnTheInternet,com crap send me your money


next I make them a good friend


Henry Hilley DD  1-888-TOO-MANY

OR 1-800-405-7077 IN USA OR CANADA


I'm NOT going to pitch you on the next greatest get-rich-quick scheme!
I'm NOT going to ask you for any personal information.
I AM going to give you the information that all the other guys don’t. After all, unlike them, I am not here to make money off ya! I just want to share what I have learned. Ro (Ronit) Little

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.
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