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Re: My Input On MySpace Being Sued ...
6/23/2006 1:06:56 AM
Hi, Part of the problem, as I see it, is these parents were not raised well. Therefor, they have know clue how to raise their own kids. nan
Re: My Input On MySpace Being Sued ...
6/23/2006 2:15:04 AM
Hello Neil, Let me clarify the statement I posted on my blog. "But, MySpace's lack of security and allowing the age to be as low as it is shows they are just as bad of making youth the victims. Victims of advertising and other propoganda put in the kids faces. They read it, want it and demand it. They see older adults talk and watch their behaviors. I have yet to see any real role models chatting at MySpace. And this is what the youth sees. They mimic it and there you have why our kids are doing this stuff, too. So, the real question is "Do youth have the intelligence to handle social networking (Also known as community sites)?" ------------------------- Here is a clearer picture of what I said. Here is a company website that has both youth and adults. Many ads are placed targeting the youth. (we know how they like to spend the parent's money.) The youth become a victim of advertising for one. Next, the company has allowed the mix of youth and adults in the same communty. Even though that most adult posts are not pornographic there are some. So, again, the youth becomes the victim. There isn't any 18+ check in place as well as checking youth's age. There are links to report a bad or porno post but what youth will do that? They are intrigued because they are starting to learn of their own sexuality. Should children/youth be allowed to enter a binding contract of TOS with a company? No. How many have read the TOS and understand them? Should children/youth be allowed to enter a social site where adults are present and will talk about anything? No. The mindset of kids vs. adults are so way different and at least some adults do show moral judgement when kids are around but not all do. So, should a company, knowing about freedom of speech, free press, and the unmoral aspects that adults will share, allow children/youth access to this by membership? I, personally, think not. So is MySpace guilty? Not of the rape issue but of the other things I have said. Thanks for listening. __________ Kenneth R Sword Jr Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz Sponsor of the ABA Basketball 'Streetball' group "Nothing But Net Entertainment" New! Bizzy Blogz Community - like MySpace An Advertising Traffic Machine

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