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Mary Mortimer

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Re: MySpace is Sued for $30 Million ...
6/22/2006 6:56:13 PM
I'm sorry but I have to say this. I work out side the home and in the home. When I'm going to be out my children are left with another responsible adult. The computers are shut down and need a log-in just to get onto the computer. As a parent and adult I am responsible for their care 24/7 no matter what. Even with raising them right, as children they will make mistakes, and rebel, and etc... and that does not excuse me from the responsibilty of their actions. If my kids are in a public place with or without me and are attacked by some slime bucket, I wouldn't sue the place, I go after the slime bucket. Destorying the finances of the place where this slime bucket used to play out his sickness makes the place a victim as well, and is pointless other than for financial gain. That isn't justice, and the many slime buckets out there will just find another way or place to play out their sickness. If there was no internet, it could have happened in a coffee shop. What sue the coffee shop because it's not safe. These sicko's don't have a neon sign plastered accross their foreheads. The point is children should be under adult supervision all the time. As parents thats our job. Mary
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Lisa Reddell

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Re: MySpace is Sued for $30 Million ...
6/22/2006 10:05:02 PM
Hi Kenneth, While I'be been hiding in the background of Adlandpro lately, this post was definately enough to bring me out back into the light. I wholeheartedly agree with the other folks here. I too am old fashioned. My boys are 16 and 12. The 12 year old is allowed online, as long as I am at home and close to the computer. And he is monitored by me quite closely. As for the 16 year old, he has taken advantage of me, and my generousity of allowing him to use my computer to surf, etc. and therefore has been permanently banned from using the Net in my home. The little snot was surfing the porn sites and boy-oh-boy did he get to see Mom have a major hissy fit. I know he thinks its not fair, but you know what?? I pay the bills, I bought the computers, so tough beans. Oh, and he knows not to even ask for access. Is this attitude of mine a hard path to follow? You bet it is! But if my children do not respect my wishes, and being that I am the parent, it is my right and responsibility. As parents, protecting our children from the unthinkable is supposed to be priority number one. And since parenting is not a popularity contest, more parents need to buck up and take hold of their responsibility for their children. Nuff said! Lisa :`)
Lisa Reddell :`)
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Tanya V.

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Re: MySpace is Sued for $30 Million ...
6/22/2006 10:19:57 PM
I just posted this in my blog yesterday when I heard the news. I can understand a parent not being able to monitor 100% of their child's time, but you don't attack the medium the child chose to abuse. You go after the perpetrator. In this case the sexual predator. *** My blog from yesterday. *** I hope the Judge throws this right out of court! Where was the Mom while her 14 year old daughter was playing around on MySpace giving out personal information. In fact, I hope the Judge turns it around on the parent for negligence. There has been way too much MySpace news lately, and I don't think there are too many parents out there who can say "I didn't know.” These 'ignorant' (and I say that in a respectful way) parents need to get educated if they really don't know. It's time to start putting responsibility where it lies... with the parent and the sexual predator in this case. This family sure wouldn't want me on the jury. I don't mean to be going too over the top on this, but I am so tired of people diverting personal responsibility, and then trying to make money with a sham case. ***
Lisa Westberry

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Re: MySpace is Sued for $30 Million ...
6/23/2006 12:44:26 PM
Hello Kenneth, I like what Tanya just said. Parents, Parents!! They really need to start keeping up with there children and stop being so wrapped up with there own social and work schedules, etc. You produce you have to be responsable. Watch your kids more and talk to them and they wont want to do most of the things there not supposed to do or get trapped into doing. Thanks for the Forum.

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