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Affiliate Programs
6/14/2006 1:26:53 AM
Hello Friends, Many of those new to the Internet are retired, and simply want to keep in touch by email with friends or family. Others however, are living on a fixed income, and are easy prey if promised a second source of earnings. Eventually, most find their comfort level and sally forth. They are quickly found by those wishing to separate them from their hard earned money. Suddenly, their email increases with offers for everything imaginable under the sun. Getting all this information, seems to trigger a synapse, and many view the web as their road to riches, and their greed overpowers their common sense. In their travels about the web, they find what they think is a great program. They plop down a few bucks and start their journey into the world of online entrepreneurialism. Three or four months go by, and they haven't done anything except fill the coffers of their sponsors. Wondering how those experts can claim five figure monthly incomes from their Internet businesses, while they aren't earning squat, they cast about looking for something else. What they don't realize is that they can't be playing golf or lying on the couch "guzzling beer all day,” expecting the world to beat a path to their door. As with all businesses, online or off, it takes more than a casual approach to truly make a business work. Many beginning opportunity seekers are misled by the hoopla and marketing pitches. If anyone is trying to start a business on the Internet, they must approach it as a real business. The number one priority is to get your own web site, and you should avoid the free ones offered by your ISP. The price of web space today is extremely affordable, and you can get a full blown site, including the registration of your own domain name for about $4 a month. There are also tools available to help put together your own site, and with a little experimentation, you can have your site up and running quickly. ------------------------------ Side note-use the oportunity to use your domain name as aussie-money-tree is mine put it into google and see where I am and see how it works!! ------------------------------ Build your web site based on your interests, and over the long term it will be much more successful. It should be filled with useful information and resources. Look for others in your field to work with you in exchange for exposure. Keep the content constantly updated, which will encourage repeat visits. Build a mailing list by having your guests register at the site. This mailing list is a valuable marketing tool, but your efforts here should be low key. It could take the form of a newsletter geared toward your target market, and include a column that you write - you can have your ad in the newsletter, but don’t make it a thinly disguised pitch for your product or service. Give good solid information, which will be useful to your readers. Thanks for you visit and post! Leanne Busby
Re: Affiliate Programs
6/14/2006 1:57:28 AM
I do agree with you 100 percent! The idea of joining an affiliate program to most is that they will enjoy the easy life in a few short months, and that the money will come in with little effort! If you treat your online business as a hobby, then that is what you get, hobby money or lose of money! To truly enjoy the fruits of a serious online business you have to review the company's total package! Are they presenting a great pay plan, do they have a product that is in demand, and how much is your upline willing to stand behind you! If you are serious about getting in a positive income with an online business you have to invest your time and money in the beginning. This first few months are critical. The retention rate for online affiliate programs is poor! You will have to sign up five just to keep two over the next six months or so! But, if you have a great upline and a serious plan of action, you will have a great shot! Great results will come slowly, if you have desire and set goals! Goals will push you and keep your business going forward. I am lucky that I came across an awesome opportunity with the company I am currently with! I am now a director with what I believe to be the best all-around online company on the web today! I earned a director position in only 3 months time. That was my goal when I started, and I got there! My next goal is to work with three to six people and help them do the same! If you have a plan and desire, you can make it! But, you better be prepared to go the distance for your team members and show them how to duplicate your success! I am looking to help a few strong willed and coachable people! I know that I can direct them to a profitable situation, or I would not waste my time or theirs. You have to get of you butt and go for it! I buy leads and hit the phones and get e-mails out too! I know that I am responsible for my success or failure, and I refuse to lose! How about you? If you would like to join my winning team, I encourage you to do so today! Once I get those strong people I am looking for, I am set for a few months! Join me and make tomorrow brighter then today! William Connelly Director, Success University 609 516-9676
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Re: Affiliate Programs
6/14/2006 3:19:09 AM
Hello Leanne, Once again you have found usefully information to share with us. I am amazed at how many people think I just "play" on the computer all day. They also think that I should have made millions in a few months (that's what ads tell them).It has taken me allot of time & effort to learn how to get my projects up & going as well as they are. I see so many people give up in 3-4 months, and they haven't even tried. But I would like to have a day to "lay on the couch with a cocktail". But to do that I would need to get rid of the boyfriend, kids, dogs, & get a maid!!! Have a great day, Sheryl
Re: Affiliate Programs
6/14/2006 5:09:52 AM
Hello William, Thanks for posting,If you have the drive you will make it as you did. If I were to join Success University it would be with you William,you have the drive that so many need. I have no doubt that your going to the top! Thanks Leanne Busby
Re: Affiliate Programs
6/14/2006 5:19:22 AM
Hi Sheryl, I'm glad you found it useful...and I didnt know that you played on your computer like I have had the same remark and have you made anything yet and why dont you get a real job. My reply is a simple 'yes,I have made money'. Then I ask them... "How long does it take to teach yourself a new job before you know it then build a business." Hey,even my mum is a skeptic,thats why I leave family and offline friends out of it! Thanks for posting...get a maid now there's a good idea. Thanks Leanne Busby

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