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Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ...
6/8/2006 3:00:09 PM
Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ... Here is a Blogger group by google's blogger users and the things they are saying are alarming! =========================================== Something Is Broken Today's most active topics: * blogger sluggish today? - 21 new * Blogger Unavailable? - 11 new * Time to jump the ship? - 9 new * My Account has been Hijacked!! All My Blogs Have Disappeared!!! - PLEASE HELP!! - 6 new * picture posting suddenly not working - 6 new Active Topics ------------- picture posting suddenly not working - 6 new -------------------------------------------- hello me again! I posted a few months back and people were very helpful, so am back again! I have two blogs on the same dashboard, and one of them has stopped displaying pictures. It seems to upload them fine but then no image ever comes up. I uploaded some pics onto my other blog just to make sure it wasnt me doing it wrong and they worked fine. Is there some - Wed, Jun 7 2006 1:39 am 6 messages , 5 authors 4 Out of 5 Reamain - 3 new -------------------------- One blog has dissappeared from my dashboard, yet it is still online and active. Is there a way to tap in and edit the blog without the dashboard when it's not hosted on my server? I written to the help desk a couple of times over the past couple of months with no response. Anyone here experienced the same issue? - Wed, Jun 7 2006 3:17 am 3 messages , 3 authors Helppppppppp !!! - 3 new ------------------------ yes, Chuck, i did and do it all days. and, yes, i'll let you know when it's over ....... Have a happy day, All !!! luisa - Wed, Jun 7 2006 4:05 am 3 messages , 3 authors blogger sluggish today? - 21 new -------------------------------- hey all, has anyone been noticing that blogger is taking forever even to get to the start page or even to log in? i thought it was my internet service, but it seems to be blogger itself.... ~toxic.echo - Wed, Jun 7 2006 4:52 am 21 messages , 12 authors hijacked blog - 4 new --------------------- The same thing happened to me last week. (There's a discussion further down about it.) I notified Blogger Support via the help form. It took Blogger a few days, but they deleted the old one, notified me and I was able to reclaim it myself. My note to them was a lot like yours, but I also drew their attention to the fact that the archived material was - Wed, Jun 7 2006 12:32 pm 4 messages , 3 authors How do i find the username from the URL of the blog. - 2 new ------------------------------------------------------------ How do i find the username from the URL of the blog. I have created a blog in 2004 & i just remember its URL. How can i get the username? i dont even remeber the e-mail id used. Any solution? - Wed, Jun 7 2006 6:03 am 2 messages , 2 authors Blogger Unavailable? - 11 new ----------------------------- I can't get into Blogger at all. Cannot find server. Anyone else experiencing this problem? - Wed, Jun 7 2006 6:22 am 11 messages , 9 authors Where's my BLOG!? - 3 new ------------------------- Thanks for the help, but I tried using a new template and when I re-publish my blog, and go to view it, all I see is the identical blank page as before.... WHAT SHOULD I DO????! [link] - Wed, Jun 7 2006 6:47 am 3 messages , 2 authors My Post won't Post - sound familiar? - 1 new -------------------------------------------- ...Michael, Got URL? [link] Don't email Blogger Support directly - fill out a support form. [link] Chuck [link] - Wed, Jun 7 2006 2:24 pm 1 message, 1 author My Account has been Hijacked!! All My Blogs Have Disappeared!!! - PLEASE HELP!! - 6 new -------- Word to the wise. If your blogs disappear, immediately try to reclaim the names. When this happened to me that is what I did and blogger support was able to restore my blog to a different name and then I was able to publish back to the original. Also, I would not come here and post the url. Some unscrupulous people - Wed, Jun 7 2006 8:24 am 6 messages , 4 authors Half my template has disappeared - 3 new ---------------------------------------- YES this is happening to me too. Twice already! While I work on changing the template, i pressed "save template changes" and it seemed the blogger server went down or something. It also deleted an hour or two hard work, and it's VERY ANNOYING. What you can do is, NOT REPUBLISH BLOG and open your page in browser, - Wed, Jun 7 2006 8:31 am 3 messages , 3 authors IE problems? - 2 new -------------------- I seem to have an issue with my blog being readable on Internet Explorer. Safari and Firefox are ok I think. but in IE the design is all over the place. Can anyone check it out and see if they know what's up? thanks DaveK [link] - Wed, Jun 7 2006 10:08 am 2 messages , 2 authors -> settings -> publishing -> SFTP -> "Blog URL: https://..." is broken - 3 new -------------- hi. first off, is great! a bug was found: specifying "[link]" in " -> settings -> publishing -> SFTP -> Blog URL: https://..." causes the URLs from blogspot to point to "[link]...." instead of "[link]....". - Wed, Jun 7 2006 10:56 am 3 messages , 2 authors Time to jump the ship? - 9 new ------------------------------ There´s been a few days since Blogger posted that they´re recovering from " unscheduled downtime." If Blogger is not up and running to 100% -- which I guess it is not since so many are posting complaints -- how come they don´t inform us about the actual status? Has it been like this in the past months? Haven´t been blogging for - Wed, Jun 7 2006 11:01 am 9 messages , 9 authors Deleted posts still showing up! - 1 new --------------------------------------- When did you delete the post? [link] - Wed, Jun 7 2006 12:19 pm 1 message, 1 author Whay Can't Blogger Update Status Page in Real Time? - 1 new ----------------------------------------------------------- This is maddening. I can't do a damn thing in blogger, but I can get to the status page. Of course, it doesn't say a thing about what issue is turning the service into a crap heap right now. Are they that understaffed? Or indifferent. ....? - Wed, Jun 7 2006 7:23 pm 1 message, 1 author Feed not update, RSS, Atom - 4 new ---------------------------------- My feed has the first 7 posts I made on my blog. When I publish a new post, it doesn't show in the feed. For months I've been trying to fix this, but nothing seems to work. Obviously, I want my feed to go in the reverse order -- with the most recent posts at the top of the feed. How??? - Thurs, Jun 8 2006 12:16 am 4 messages , 3 authors New Profile won't display on my blog - 2 new -------------------------------------------- I changed my profile and picture. I saved everthing but my old profile still shows up. [link] - Wed, Jun 7 2006 6:46 pm 2 messages , 2 authors Only the squeaky wheels come here. - 1 new ------------------------------------------ Reminds me of the days of my youth, when I wanted to beat up corporate heads in a dark alley! I'd lend you a hand if I wasnt too feeble to be of much use! - Wed, Jun 7 2006 10:09 pm 1 message, 1 author Please help me -- Account was gone - 2 new ------------------------------------------ This is my blog [link] I can edit blog before computer shut down. Now, blog is still here. But my account was gone!! Why? Who help me? - Thurs, Jun 8 2006 6: 05 am 2 messages , 1 author My blog's URL will not redirect from just the server name to the actual index page - 1 new ------------ My blog is [link]. However, the View Blog links in my settings page for that blog do not work. It seems a meta tag is not being added. I did not change its template. Users have to enter "[link]" instead. Does someone have a fix? - Thurs, Jun 8 2006 6:17 am 1 message, 1 author Im soooo frustrated - I haven't succeeded today :( - 1 new ---------------------------------------------------------- Help I need a blog that has constant fresh material, I have managed after working on it all day to get html ticker in the wrong place in my blog - it is under the footer..... How do I move it up. I like blogspot I dont want to go else where but got this email from one of the automatic news feeds RSS Reader General Feed Back - Wed, Jun 7 2006 6:56 am 1 message, 1 author WORST WEEK EVER - 1 new ----------------------- Blogger is really blogged up. Is anyone else having to wait forever for changes to show up? Worse than that, I always used click and drag to move my pix around in the post. Isn't working now? Thougts? - Wed, Jun 7 2006 11:20 am 1 message, 1 author Title is gone! - 1 new ---------------------- Hey,I just can't find the title...The title box 's gone...What now?? - Tues, Jun 6 2006 7:09 pm 1 message, 1 author my images too big - 1 new ------------------------- with hotmail or yahoo they definately shrink my pics if i send them as photos intead of files. i dont get thumbnails i get the shrunken size of the pic i save that pic and post it on my blog. but that doesnt matter. i havent hed time to resize the pics yet. i ll try to do it now. - Thurs, Jun 8 2006 12:34 am 1 message, 1 author Missing Title Line - 1 new -------------------------- Hi Chuck, Same problem, here's a URL for you: [link] In the past I've had a title field and could create posts with a title. Right now there is no title field offered when I create a new post, nor when I edit an older post that has a title. Any tips much appreciated. - Thurs, Jun 8 2006 12:36 am 1 message, 1 author ============================================================================== You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Something Is Broken" group. To post to this group, visit =========================================== You may with to find a new service that has high Alexa ranking and offers more and is very stable. Hundreds have joined us and even Bogdan Fiedur has a blog with us. Check us out. __________ Kenneth R Sword Jr Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz Sponsor of the ABA Basketball 'Streetball' group "Nothing But Net Entertainment" New! Bizzy Blogz Community - like MySpace An Advertising Traffic Machine
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Re: Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ...
6/9/2006 1:33:53 AM
this is aweful. with bizzyblogs none of this happens. every one should come check it out.
Re: Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ...
12/21/2006 10:49:20 PM
I do not blog on blogger. And I am glad I know this. Thank you for the information. I have a few blogs I am working on. And I do enjoy bizzyblogs. Have a great day / night. Sincerely, Eldor Vand Farion Ongoing Marketing Research
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Re: Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ...
12/25/2006 1:51:00 AM
Hmmmm...? None of that is very nice news to read...
I do blog on blogger
and [touch wood], to date I've had not a single issue.
One of my blogs has been going for just under 3 years, another for two years and all the rest for almost a year. Not an issue with any of them, all that time.
Interesting info. Kenneth and I'll consider it. Thank you.
Do you have any feedback about WordPress and other blogging options too?
Re: Do You Blog On Blogger? You May Want To Know ...
12/27/2006 8:50:15 PM

Perhaps the problems were occuring as they were taking their new software through BETA testing?  It just came out of BETA about a week ago, and as one who has fourteen blogs on their system, I personally give them a BIG THUMBS UP.  You can take a look at some of my blogs if you like:

Washington Scandal

Almost The News

Green Nuclear Butterfly

Congressman John Hall

Anyway, hope this helps explain any problems you have been hearing about.


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