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5/19/2006 4:04:05 AM

Hello all my Adlandpro friends, (If you are not a member just go to): http// We would like to welcome you to our friendly community of networking business people. Here are some suggestions for making your visit here comfortable and profitable.


1) The forum author is the forum owner. If you do not post to the subject they may choose to delete your post. If they do not approve of your post they have the option of removing your post. A kind thing to do, as, forum owner, is to explain why the post was removed when the information is filled out in the post removal inquiry.

2) The forum message contains information, discussion, questions, stories, etc. The signature line appears under the line with ads the poster wishes to display.

3) To post your ads in the message body look for forums which are asking specifically for such information. There are forums designed for that purpose. You can also post in "offers" page here at Adlandpro

4. Do not go to a forum for the specific purpose of upsetting, arguing, or disrupting the conversation.

5. Changing titles of forums to promote you and draw attention to your post are not acceptable.

6. Make appropiate responses in forums. Sparkly posts should be reserved for celebrations.

7) As a poster, you are like a house guest. If the forum owner requests certain behavior, it would be wise to comply.

8)If you post to a forum, you are a member of the forum. It would be nice to contribute something that speaks to the subject as this is your chance to add value to the forum. To post without reading the content for the sole purpose of posting your ads is a waste of your time. To request further posts be known to you shows you have genuine interest in the forum. So, click on the "notify me when someone answers the post" button.

9) The new poster and frequent poster deserve the same response as the high volume poster. They may not post often but their opinion can be valuable. The new poster needs to hear encouragement. This will build their confidence. After all you were new once too.

10) The forum owner who answers each post will find that they build relationships. Answering questions posted shows you care enough to check back on your forum.

11) Be positive Be polite be accurate check facts don't dictate agree to let people disagree enjoy the versatility of the posts make forums fun and interesting put forums in the proper category Remember that all Adlandpro members are not English, first language persons. Admire the fact that they give it their best.

12)Be aware that there are many culturers and traditions represented in our membership. To wish someone a happy birthday may be offensive. To send someone in Norway a greeting for Memorail Day has no meaning. However, to send someone in America a greeting for a happy (your country) freedom day may not apply. Not all are Christians, Muslums, Hindus, etc. Holidays like Valentines Day, Mother's Day etc. are not universal holidays. Tolerance and understanding are needed when building friendships with people of different culturers.

11) A new adlandpro member will find little response to your forum if you have 100 or less members. Don't be disheartened. Just keep making good posts and it will increase your friends list.


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